Everybody has been wondering why Ekta Kapoor allowed her favourite actress Prachi Desai to work opposite Farhan Akhtar in “Rock On” when she has been openly opposed to the idea of others leaving her to pursue the big screen.

The reason behind the bending of rules is that “Rock On” director Abhishek Kapoor, better known as Gattu, is Ekta’s favourite cousin. And there’s absolutely nothing she would refuse him.

Ekta admits her fondness for Abhishek and said: “Yes, he’s my favourite brother after Tusshar. Gattu is my dad’s sister’s son. So we’re very close. We don’t meet that often any longer. We’re both busy doing our own thing. When we were younger, we used to meet very regularly. We’ve been on holidays together, just Gattu and me. But he’s my coolest brother. And there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him.”

When Abhishek decided to cast Farhan Akhtar as the lead in “Rock On”, he was on the lookout for a fresh face for the female lead.

Said Ekta: “He asked me about Prachi. And I immediately agreed.”

Even if it meant Balaji Telefilms losing its blue-eyed girl?

“Honestly, Prachi is like a part of our family. My father, mother and I have adopted her. But as a producer I tortured the hell out of her. I made her work harder than any of my actors, just because I was so close to her. Prachi feels that was unfair. But I didn’t want to be accused of favouritism. Now she’s moved on.

“I want Prachi to give films a sincere try. I’ve told her to keep away from television for six to eight months to focus on films. And if, god forbid, it doesn’t work out, we’re there for her.”

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