Why Hate Himesh Reshammiya>>Read and Decide

Then we are the people who listen to those songs and make them super hits.  You may not listen but others do otherwise the songs cannot be a hit. If people like them and want to listen and who are we to say all rubbish about Himesh. He should be respected because he could make it to the top. How many singers can give so many hit numbers as Himesh has given. You may not like him but thats your personal opinion, others may not agree otherwise his songs would not be hits one after the other.

If people like, want to listen then who are we to blame Himesh for. He is singing more and more because people are appreciating it. Once people stops listening to his songs he will also stop singing.

Again its business for Himesh. He does not force his songs and make it hits, its we who make his songs hits. If you want to blame then blame the people for their taste. But you if no right to choose others taste. So why do we again and again get all rubbish things written against Himesh.

Please give us your views on this report…

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  1. Hrfan_no1 says:

    I truely agree with this!! Himesh is a rock star!!
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  2. eiman says:

    I think u are absolutely right. Himesh is hit today because we people like him and listen to his songs and he is most demanded singer in public. there always has been so much curiosity about Himesh. on the other hand he is criticized so much. because as u know that excess of anything is bad there are so many people around who are fed up of him because when people become over curious and crazy for anything the result always come out to be very disastrous for that particular person. Himesh is a very good human being but his excess singing could kill his voice in industry. thank God that he has taken right step at the right time otherwise his voice could be killed. now i think there are many people who are missing him on the screen even his critics. its the high time when Himesh critics have stopped to criticize him.
    This time again there is so much curiosity for his all new films and i listened the title song of karzzz its really very good. at first hearing it delighted the audience so much definitely its a hit album. Its Himesh best ever composed album. his compositions and voice zap audience but on the other hand his voice is somewhere irritating for some people because he mostly sings loudly. other wise Himesh is the best singer and composer and now actor we have. I solute this man.

  3. haniya says:

    himesh is the best i think they are mads of this world who hates himesh.himesh is really very hard working and i know he will be rewarded for his hard work.he is a very good singer,composer and actor and not only that beside it he is very well behaved and good natured person.i love you himesh you are the best men in this whole world for me and no one can take that place in my life.and i know one day everyone will love himesh just like me.and he really deserve it.my love and praise are always there with him and no one can defeat him.may allah bless you with huge success in every field.aameen.


    just judge Himesh according to which charecter he is singing. If the charecter is good, his song is, else not. The charecter for which he is singing shouldnt be vulnerable. It should be a powerful & strong charecter.


    well, what i think is the only worst song of SHRI HIMESH RESHAMMYA is the title song of “ashiq banaya aapne”, as Emraan Hashmi’s charecter in the movie was vulnerable b4 Sonu Sood. Hence, if Himesh also would have sang the same title for Sonu’s charecter, the song will become good 4 me. But I really admire his songs such as:-

    tum saanso mein:- Humko deewana kar gaye

    kitne armaan(all day all n8s) &
    ae meri zohrajabi:- Phir Herapheri

    dekhu tuje toh pyar aye & Mehfooz:- Apne

    title song:- Shakalaka boom boom

    Ek khalsa 2 khalsa:- Fool N Final

    veeranya:- Namaste London

    title:- Aap ki khatir

    Aafreen tera chehra:- Red

    ko la lakavelari:-Welcome

    Aashiqui mai teri:- 36 china town

    Shabe firaq hai:- Chupchupke

    ku6 toh baaki hai:- Milenge Milenge

    Naina re:- Dangerous Ishq

    Chalaona naino se:- Bol Bachhan


    Aap ki kashish:- Aashiq banaya Aapne


    My dear HIMESH BHAI, plz plz i beg of u that u pleeeeeezzzzz at least 1ns sing 4 actor Sonu Sood in a movie so that i 4g8 4evr that u sang the lead song of a vulnurable charecter in aashiq banaya aapne.


    Himesh Bhai…..i think Ashiq banaya should be remade where u must sing a complete song 4 Sonu Sood’s charecter & also by making Emraan Hashmi’s charecter strong at par with him just like his charecter in Awarapan…

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