…said Mahek Chahal to Danish Khan, her boyfriend, moments after being evicted from BB 5.

Much has been written about Salman Khan’s fondness for Bigg Boss 5 contestant Mahek Chahal. However, we bring you the real Khan in Chahal’s life – Danish, her childhood friend and boyfriend of four years.

A computer engineer by profession, he and Chahal grew up together in Norway. They kept their relationship under wraps because their parents weren’t comfortable with it. “She is from a Sikh family and you know how complicated it can be,” says Danish.

However, the lad threw caution to the wind and proposed marriage to Mahek on the finale of the reality show that concluded last evening. “She called me moments after her eviction from the house and told me, ‘Danish, no money is worth more than a relationship. I don’t care about anything else. You just come down here and marry me right now.’ I believe in doing things properly or not doing them at all,” he says.

Ask him about her friendship wih Salman and he says, “I have deep respect for him as he spoke up for women who were wronged in the house. I don’t feel insecure about their friendship. All these stories are being spread by Pooja Bedi, and it is awful. Salman and Mahek must have had conversations maybe twice during the making of Wanted. Had there been something more than that, I would have known. Our relationship is based on honesty and we discuss everything under the sun. ”

Danish feels that the show has taught Mahek to control her fiery Sardarni temper. “I have more respect and understanding for her now. She believes in honesty and always speaks the truth.” Danish s in no hurry for the nuptials. “I have to make her feel strong and support Mahek as she scales heights in her profession. I am going to be a part of her life and achievements. We will work towards a future,” he signs off. Khan.

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  1. 4herneeds says:

    Great Danish , keep the spirit up. If you would have kept your genuine relationship under wrap , it would have been great. Anyway best of luck for both of you .Only problem now you will face is more public scrutiny of your relationship .Hop you both will overcome this unwanted disturbance .

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