Actor Bobbiy Bhonsley who was last seen as Machaan in Karam Apna Apna and has been associated with Ekta Kapoor for a long time and is the one who wrote the Jay Walia and Bani’s romance track and also had a hand in casting Aamna Shariff in Balaji’s Kahiin Toh Hoga is a big admirer ( read chamcha!) of Ekta Kapoor, although he is no longer working for Balaji Telefilms and has opened his talent management company Bobbiy Bhonsley Company.

Bobby at one time before they parted ways, was to starlet Shweta Menon what Abhishek Awasthi is today to Raakhi Sawant- husband cum boy friend both rolled into one.

“Ekta Kapoor is a genius. People who are jealous of her can’t be like her though they want to be, but people who are with her are proud that she happened to them. She is one woman who came with a magic wand and made stars out of ordinary people”.

Though Bobbiy does have a point that there is no substitute of Ekta Kapoor in the television industry in spite of the increasing competition, we wonder if all the actors who have quit Balaji (read Rajeev Khandelwal, Iqbal Khan and Pulkit Samrat) would agree with him!

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