Ekta Kapoor’s most succesful daily soap is still rulling the soap industry………

Why People hate Ekta Kapoor???????????????

Because she makes those K-soaps???

Then we are the people who watch them and make them famous and increase their TRPs then why blame Ekta. Its business for Ekta. If she finds money making them then who are we to protest??? If we don’t like them we won’t watch them and Ekta will stop making such serial. Its a great peice of entertainment for many then who are we to decide other’s sence of entertainment. If maximum people hates those soaps then their should have been a low TRP for all Ekta-soaps. But its just the opposite. So if people like watching them then no one has the right to define the term entertainment for them.

Its not only for women, even men watch it but refuse to confess thinking others will laugh making it a girlish thing to watch. According to a recent survey all over India it has been found over 58% male are upto to watching daily soaps including Ekta Kapoor’s K-soaps. And 58% of India’s Population is not a joke.

If so many men watch daily soap then I don’t think any survey is required for women. After all this we find so many ill-comments against Ekta Kapoor-WHY???

If you hate Ekta and her soaps simply dont watch… how can you insult Ekta for her soaps.. its not just Ekta but also all the other viewers who watch those soaps. Its really humiliating for them when they read them on internet. Ekta is just providing those serials which people like to watch and the report card is the TRP of all her shows because thats her business…. If her sence was really that bad then why is she so succesful??? why is it that only her shows have such high ratings????

If we dont like a movie we dont watch and the movie is a flop at box office. If bad concept movies makes super duper hit in box office then why will people stop making such movies. We the formula is working then why will producers,directors and actors stay away from it??? Simmilarly if the daily soaps are big hits why will Ekta stay away from it. She wants money, she wants success, she wants to be popular and she has talents she knows how to make hit serials then HOW THE HELL CAN WE EXPECT HER TO STOP. If she stops then we can call her a idiot.

One thing she is not making the serials hit. We are making it hits. She is a business women and she is just doing what a business person should do, thats it.

If you think India’s taste is bad, Indians should watch something better then thats India’s problem not Ekta’s!!! Go and blame Indians and their taste not Ekta.

Once Indian’s taste change she will also make those serials that will suit them.

Please give us your views on this report…

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