Celebrity weight loss: Before and after

This ‘before and after’ image of Hrithik, tweeted by trainer Kris Gethin, has became viral on the net. His tweet reads: “The inspiring 10 wk transformation image of my latest client”

  1. Hrithik himself has posted a photo of his from Dabboo Ratnani’s Calendar shots on his twitter page.
     Look how Sonakshi Sinha has evolved in the past couple of years, and wow!
     When Kat first entered the Tinsteltown, she was quite a healthy girl. She didn’t even look like any distant cousin of Barbie then!
     Looking at Adnan Sami’s before-after images, all we can say is: ‘Hats off to his determination’.
    Zarine’s journey from ‘Fatrina’ to Zarine is something worth appreciating!
     Don’t you think the ‘Mean Girl’ Lindsay Lohan has gone a bit too far? Thankfully, LiLo herself realised that, and got back into her previous shape soon.
    Britney’s weight woes are quite famous. Like a graph, it goes up, hits rock bottom and goes up again. Britney should learn to keep her emotions at bay.

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  1. Jeba says:

    Surely you are one of my favourite actors.Beside that i like your personality so much.Undoutedly you’re a great person.salute you.

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