Ekta Kapoor is full busy these days in making “Mahabharat” for 9X. She has assembled all her fav TV Men to star in this Balaji Magnum Opus. Now, she is all set to make Ronit Roy, Hiten and Chetan beefier with more muscle to fit their respective characters in Mahabharat.

She has roped in Prashant (…the guy that gave Shahrukh Khan 6 pack abs in flat 4 months). Prashan gets 2 months to give more muscles to Ekta’s men to get ready for Mahabharat.

Kiran Karmarkar, best known as Om of “Kahani Ghar Ghar Kii” (KGGK)” also joined the cast. He will play King Shantanu in the show.

In the serial, once again Kiran will share the screen space with his co-star Sakshi Tanwar, better known as Parvati of “Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki” who will play Ganga, his wife in it. Manish Malhotra has designed her costumes as you see above. He has also designed costumes for her in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki when she played the role of Janki Devi. That look was highly appreciated  by viewers.

Uma Shanker will be playing the role of Yudhistir. The role of Nakul will be portrayed by Deepak Sandhu .

Watch-out for new age Mahabharat featuring your fav TV men with ripped muscles and toned bodies. Its full Ekta Mahabharat…

Ekta Kapoor’s magnus opus Mahabharat on channel 9X is in huge planning stage. All the Balaji royalist are being scanned to ascertain who fits where.

Ekta Kapoor’s very close and loved real life couple Gauri and Hiten Tejwani seems to be getting in scheme of things.

Buzz was that Gauri Tejwani will play Draupadi in Ekta’s Mahabharat. Yeah, her look cute and innocent looks should fit the character. But later Gauri refused to be a part of Mahabharat. And finally Anita Hasnandani bagged it.

Gauri’s real life hubby Hiten isn’t far behind. He plays Karan in this reloaded Mahabharat. He is doing hard work to fit in the character.

Along with Ronit Roy and Chetan Hansraj, he is sweating it out in gym to look beefy in the character. It is not easy being an actor, right guys?

Rakshanda KhanEkta Kapoor’s Mahabharat cast is finally getting settled. Latest to join Mahabharat clan is glam girl Rakshanda Khan.

She plays character of Amba in Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharat. So, why did she chose this role? Here are two reasons –

“…Firstly, I got a chance to work with Ronit Roy again. Ronit plays Bheeshma Pitamah in Mahabharat and I have most of my scenes with him.”

OHHK… where is Ronit’s wife? Be carefull! And Second reason is “… I got a chance to act in a mythological, which doesn’t come one’s way often.”

Yeah, bang on Rakshanda. Manish Malhotra is doing constumes for her.. hope he remembers it is a mythological serial and not a Karan Johar movie! No wonder he has done a great job.

Here is Mr Bajaj, ah sorry Ronit Roy as Bheeshma Pitamaha from Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharat on 9x. Long hair is ok, this is so common in epic series. Did you notice lack of glitter and glitz? Probably they want to keep things subtle and classy (hopefully!).

As usual Ronit look good in this avatar, as far acting is concerned – he cant go bad in that front. So did you like Ronit Roy’s Bheeshma Pitamaha AVATAR?

Previously we have seen Chetan Hansraj and Aryan Vaid in action pose from this upcoming Mahabharat Saga. As reported earlier, it seems Ronit Roy has hit gym with vengence as other male stars from this epic.

Aryan Vaid is playing the role of Duriahdhan…

Jatin Shah, better known as Raunak of Kasturi, is playing the role of Shehdev, one of the pandavas.

Harshad Chopra, better known as Prem of “Kis Desh Mai Hai Mera Dil” is also a part of Ekta’s Mahabharat. He is playing the role of Arjun.

Jai BhanushaliJai Bhanushali (see the pic, if you don’t know him!) is calling quit to his role in Star Plus serial Kayamath.

He feels their is nothing more left in the show for him.

Hmm.. suddenly show looks stale to him? Couldn’t he offer his creative juice?

Here is more, besides saying bye bye to this Ekta Kapoor’s show, he even refused to be part of Ekta Kapoor’s Mahabharat on 9x.

Why? He is not un-comfortable wearing props and tinnie winnie dresses – yeah he is no big muscle guy either… hehehehe

Bhanu bhaiya adds… he has lot of movie and TV show offers, but havn’t said YES to anyone. Why? only he would know… probably he is unconformatable doing either of it.

Balaji has roped in actress Ravee Gupta to play the role of Satyavati in the epic. Confirming the news, Ravee says, “It is a very good show with the who’s who of the television industry in it. Besides, it has also given me a chance to work with Ekta and Balaji again after four years. My last show with Balaji was Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.” Incidentally, the actress is playing wife to Kiran Om Karmarkar who is playing Shantanu in the K-queen’s version of the epic.

This is the second time that Ravee will be featured in an epic. Earlier she had essayed the role of Ravan’s mother in Ravan on Zee.

News To Shock You>> Gautami Kapoor will be back in Kyunki Sanns Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi>> READ

A Glance at the Cast of Ekta’s Mahabharat


* Uma Shanker … Yudhishtira
* Chetan Hansraj … Bheem
* Harshad Chopra … Arjuna
* Jatin Shah … Sahadeva
* Deepak Sandhu … Nakul
* Anita Hassanandani … Draupadi


* Aryan Vaid … Duryodhan

Members of the Bharatvansh

* Ronit Roy … Bhishma… AKA Devavrata
* Vishal Thakkar … Bhishma … AKA Devavrata – (Teen Age)
* Saakshi Tanwar … Ganga
* Kiran Karmarkar … Santanu
* Sonal … Ambalika
* Nidhi Tiwari … Ambika


* Hiten Tejwani … Karna
* Makrand Deshpande … Veda Vyasa(Narrator)
* Master Krish … Krishna – (Child Age)
* Rakshandha Khan … Amba
* Kali Prasad … Shakuni
* Ritu Raaj … Kashi Naresh


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  1. sanjana says:

    hellow ekta ji
    my name is sanjana. i am so interest your serial. acctual i am join your organation can you plese give me a one chance. few drama i am participate Cultural program.
    Thanking you

  2. sanjana says:

    hellow ekta ji
    my name is sanjana. i am so interest your serial. actually i want to join your organation can you plese give me a chance. I participated in few drama Cultural program.
    Thanking you

  3. adil zaidi says:

    yar who will play krishna in ekta’s mahabarat

  4. sapana prem singh says:

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  5. Rosahan says:

    I did not like the first episode of Mahabharat. The dress code was not as per past … acting of draupadi was poor..

  6. Sita says:

    The first episode of Mahabharat was not so good. I didn’t like the dress code, the set and the dialogs.

  7. Anita Deo says:

    hellow ekta ji
    my name is anita deo i am so interest your serial. actually i want to join your organation can you plese give me a chance. I participated in few drama Cultural program.
    Thanking you
    Anita Deo

  8. ANSHUL says:

    i think its much more inspired from the hollywood movie 300 than it is from the original Mahabharat

  9. Rajinder (Raj) says:

    hi ekta ji very good serial
    very nice lage raho your mahabharat
    super hit

  10. Rajinder (Raj) says:

    hi ekta ji your new serial mahabharat very good
    very nice very energy full
    lage raho mam your mahabharat
    super hit

  11. pallavi says:

    ur mahabharat is gud but it should be more better,, costume of ganga is very nice she looks very gud,,,as far as acting is concerned it is far away from draupadi its very poor,,,,,,,,,

  12. Amit W says:

    Hi Ekta,

    Your serials are too good. If You Mahabharats telecast for 1 Hour its very good for all indian means thay can enjoy full mahabhart & Anita Hassanandani As Draupadi very goog acotor..She gave very effective shot that time of Draupadi Vastra Haran…..What acting really..That Eyes,voice,face expressions really Good…..& Sakshi in role of Ganag looking good & Her costumes also..

    Amit W

  13. ajit says:

    Ekta please look to :-the makeup of Ganpati & the dress of Bhishma is always white .The dress Pandavas are not black but colourful. Show the real water not the computerizes.In the book of Mahabharata see how it is express, so good to read, I expect the same from you.


  14. samkarma says:

    ekta u r the queen of serials ….i thought this Mahabharat would be diff …i thought u have made enough money to make good stuff for tv…but sorry u disappointed me….its looks like a masala serial which is Pathetic…u need to open ur horizion.. shooting on hd doesn’t mean that u can achieve everything…wearing good costumes doesn’t mean u had it all….there is a vision to it camera angles and specially depth of field which i am sorry ur director and dop no idea of … making good set but lighting atrocious….mahabharat looks like chota bharat…and plz for god sake…ur actors tone on delivering dialogues in a punjabi tone is mind blowing…..i know money is eveything today but after earning..u can give some back to the quality/medium who made u /got u to that stage…level of being a queen….which v all r proud of…..

  15. Premkumar says:

    Hi Ekta ji…….I want to marry you 🙂
    I was really crazy about you always……i use to watch your serials everyday….I even divorce my wife to see your serial…but now after mahabharat I am just mad for you….my friend says you mad …..I dont know what to do…..but i know my love real….really really real….so i know you love me too and you marry me…..request you marry me please

  16. Sunita says:

    the man playing role of Yudhister is superub. dispite without any dialouge he gave great expression on screen

  17. akash says:

    plz. request Ekta Kapoor to telecast mahabharat for 1 Hour…..

  18. Saad Khan says:

    hi Ekta,

    you are an Angel of Entertainment for people of asia . We Like you so much , from deep core of my heart i pray for you .. Ekta jee i am from Pakistan but will soon come to India and rock you all.I am the best Actor of the world,just need to be polished.

    take care …

    Bye ..

  19. Kunjan Bhatia says:

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  20. Bantu says:

    This Mahabharat rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. s.irfan says:

    ekta ji,
    mein aap ka bhut bada fan hun muche zyada english pasand nahin hai,muche aap ke serial bhut pasand hai sab se zyada kahin tu huga i miss aamna and your serial please star a new serial for aamna

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  24. 99hollywood says:

    I love the show n this site toooooo

  25. Rakesh B says:


    The costume for all characters is not good. I think right word is “RUBBISH”

  26. Ekta Kapoor says:

    The show is slated to be a daily and will be aired on prime time
    from Monday to Thursday.
    This change of schedule has taken place because Balaji Telefilms
    are way ahead of their deadline and have already built up a
    huge bank of episodes.

    Source : Ekta Kapoor Mahabharat

  27. ashvini says:

    I just want to suggest Ekta that , Plz see B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat it will help u

  28. Hemant Arya says:

    hello Ekta
    going gud…..main chrecter of mahabharat Krishna is not looking gud..he looks more mature.even all pandava and kauravs also.
    i think u dont no..whn krishna killed to kans ,he was just 11-12 yr old..but here he looked 24-25 yr…

    ‘makhhan chori’ episode not suit with his age. he shoud be just 7-8 yr.

  29. Deepika says:

    This really needs work. Why are the Pandavas wearing black and absolutely no jewels? Even the NDTV Ramayan was better than this. No one looks royal in this serial and everyone looks way too modernized and greek. All in all, this Mahabharat serial is a definite don’t watch.

  30. Deepika says:

    It doesn’t even compare with B.R. Chopra’s Mahabharat, which was absolutely wonderful by the way! This one is definitely not good! No glamor, no beauty, mediocre actors, and bad acting! I especially don’t like the Shakuni and Bhishma actors! They didn’t fit their role at all!

  31. Anirudh .M.Gokhale says:

    Ekta Madam I am Anirudh Gokhale aged 16 years,height 178 cms. I am intrested in playing a role of any child character in your “KAHANI HAMARI MAHABHRARAT KI” serial. I am a goodlooking boy studying in 11th std and I want to move towards acting career. Please give me one chance in any of your devotional serials and please bring me up in acting career. Please reply me at “” or contact me on 9448867341.

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  33. uzma says:

    hi amazing pix i like pix jatin shah is lokinh sooooo kool ;-)harshad chopra is loking mast……….

  34. sourabh says:

    Hi guys/gals, Can anybody tell… who is playing “RADHA” in the serial???

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  36. ravinarayan says:

    i saw the episodes of mahabharta .it missed some ethics liketradition ,cultural facts.
    i want to mention some thing ,it will help ekta to change her views of mahabrata,all brahmins and kstrahiyas will have janeu,which where missing and regarding customes in that ther wher no tailors or no sitichsd clothes where used ,in case of kunthi,devaki, she has used full seelve blouse, and no tilak on ,dress should be of pleasent colur and not blue or black,thanks

  37. Ranbir Singh says:

    Hi Ekta !

    I Earlier watched your Kyunki……But when bored of it, I took a long rest. Then it came you with your Gorgeous MAHABHARAT. I m totally in love with it. The magic of typical Ekta si back again with a new taste. Your casting is fabulous. Every actor seems to be made for his/her character. Sakshi is the one of tele queens I’ve always been loving. she is totally Ganga. Ronit looks great with 6 pack. Makrand is Superb. Ravee & Rakshanda are also in a new version. Chetan & Aryan are unexpectedly looking gr8. It is one of your historical Serial after the Hum paanch, Itehaas, Kyunki…. & Kahaani……… Carry On . I m always ready to watch when u give smthng new.

  38. Neha says:

    This is the best Ekta serial I’ve watched!! Uma Shanker, Mrunal Jain, and the actor who’s playing Drona are excellent!! But I must commend her on her decision to replace Harshad Chopra with Sid Makkar. Initially, being a Harshad fan, I was mad at her for doing this. But when I saw Sid….I was floored!!! He’s such a good actor!!!

  39. kulsum choudhary says:

    ekta u have got super star cast……….

  40. soni says:

    Regarding star cast : Mrunal Jain who plays the role of krishna has to be replaced. He looks sick and does not suit the role of krishna. Nitish Bharadwaj was perfect . I wonder from where Ekta Kapoor got a wierd idea of selecting Mrunal Jain for the role of krisha. Sickening. And Am no more interested in watching Kahaani Hamarey Mahabharat Ki . I wish hussein had played the role of Krishna. Hussein is extremely charming. Hussein is cute. Hussein should have been cast in the role of Krishna. Hussein will suit the role .

  41. Prabhat says:

    hi ekta ji
    aapki mahabharat BR chopra ji ki mahabharat se acchchi nahi hai so work hard

  42. Dibyendu says:

    Hi Ekta

    I would appreciate such a tremendous work ur doinf since last few years. You have changed the tv serial era and epic as well. To appreciate in most the creation of Mahabharat and the songs of Radha Krishna are excellent. I like it a lot and need for my daily listening, can u please advise me how to get the songs for downloading and listen regularly?My contact no if required-094353-73328 or 09859990747.

  43. its a great effort………

  44. Sonu Verma says:

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  45. sunny says:

    aapki mahabharat br copra ki mahabharat se bilkul bura hai. me to bilkul dekhunga nahi. Most of the characters you have chooses are not good specially Bhisma and Krishna. Mukesh and Nitish were much better.

  46. Govind singh says:

    Hello, ekta mem how r u, i m so feel betar u was any seriall work on new telant . So i request u. U will make new seriall so u casting for me.its not demand for ur choise.good bay

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