With a figure to die for, the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai Bachchan says that she not only avoids diets but is also a complete foodie.

“I love food. I eat a lot. And I am not embarrassed about it. I know it is kind of impossible to believe that I love eating and indulge in all my favorite foods whenever I get the chance, but that’s the honest truth.” Ash said to an unbelieving audience recently.
But in public Ash exercises restraint so that people do not stare at her. At home she gives way to her weakness.

The only time Ash had to diet was to prepare for the role in Dhoom 2 in which she had to cut her weight to a miniscule 54 kilos.

“It was a painful experience. I had to be 54 kgs and so for a month I was on a strict diet. That was the most painful period for me. And to add to my misery, I had to work out” Ash remembered.

At present Ash said she has a good metabolic rate and does not need to work out but she hits the gym a couple of times a week to keep fit.

Reminiscing about her movies she says she looks well fed in most movies except ‘Dhoom 2′ in which she looks well toned. But ‘Dhoom 2′ brings back unpleasant memories of her dieting.

Ash revealed that during the shooting of Sarkar Raj , the Bachchan family used to carry home cooked food.

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