At the eleventh hour, filmmaker Vidhu Vinod Chopra has dropped the Katrina Kaif starrer ‘Rajneeti’ trailer from ‘3 Idiots’ movie as he fears that the movie might not steal all the limelight. Vidhu feels insecure about the movie after it received rave reviews. The trailer was decided to show during the interval of ‘3 Idiots’.

A source says, “Vidhu’s decision came in the wake of a private screening of ‘3 Idiots’ held recently. Everybody who saw the film spoke very highly about the trailer of ‘Rajneeti’ and felt that it would be a very strong film. This set Vidhu’s mind ticking and he decided that he would rather do away with the trailer than have people distracted from ‘3 Idiots’.”

Prakash Jha confirmed about Vidhu’s decision. He said, “Vidhu had seen the trailer of ‘Rajneeti’ and told me that it would be a pleasure to screen it. But now he has developed cold feet at the last minute.”

Jha added that he knows Vidhu since FTII days and he has always been a fickle minded. “He’ll commit on something and turn it around the next second. That is Vidhu’s nature. I sympathise with him,” he added.

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  1. Julia0345 says:

    Vidhu is the best..3 idiots is the best movie

  2. Riz Lee says:

    that was great movie of katrina..

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