The news may surprise you but it is partly true that Shahrukh Khan is married again and that too to a 20 yr old girl. The girl named Tillana Desai and she is a die-hard fan of King Khan. Shahrukh Khan married her during the promotional event of his latest film, ‘My Name Is Khan’. He kneeled down on his knees and slipped a ring on her finger. It all happened at the five star hotel in Ahmedabad in the witness of media and many fans of Shahrukh.
Dressed in a bridal outfit, the girl walked down to Shahrukh and narrated her story as how crazy she is about him. Impressed with her story, Shahrukh fulfilled the wish of the girl, he proposed her and slipped the ring on her finger that she has brought with her.
Confirms the source, “At his film’s event, SRK had to meet people with unusual love stories. Among the crowd, was 20-year-old Tillana Desai, who had come dressed in full bridal finery. When SRK asked her about her love story, she said she had been in love with a guy since she was seven but can’t marry him as he is already married.”

“When SRK asked her who the guy was, he was surprised to know that he was the man in question. She also said that she only uses the products that he endorses and refuses to buy anything else. The girl insisted that SRK should marry her. SRK used his million-dollar charm to overcome the awkwardness. The girl had even brought a ring with her. He went down on his knees and slipped the ring on her finger, saying that this is their rehearsal for the wedding.”

Moved by Shahrukh’s kind gesture, the girl invited him for a dinner to her house but he was too busy for the dinner.

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