How Karva Chouth became Himesh’s doomsday

Believe it or not but many ladies in the North India belt especially U.P. circuit refrained from watching Karzzzz on Friday, the day of its release, which also happen­ed to be Karwa Chouth day. Result – a low opening for the much hyped film!

A industry observer comments, “Following the hundreds of years long tradition ladies, especially the Punjabi, Sindhi and those living in U.P. observe fast on Karwa Chouth to pray for the long lives of their husbands.

They break their fast only after sighting the moon in the sky and then seeing the faces of their husbands. Since they don’t eat anything during the day, many ladies prefer watching films to kill time. But Karzzzz was a strict no-no for the festive day.

If you may wonder why then the reason is simple! In the film, Urmila Matondkar kills her husband (Dino Morea) soon after their marriage. Since Karzzzz is a remake of Sub­hash Ghai’s Karz, the story is no secret, at least for the 40-plus ladies.”

Now why would ladies watch a film in which a woman murders her husband, that too, watch it on a day on which we pray to God for the long lives of our own husbands?

It is not for no reason that it is said that every little thing affects films. Now, who would’ve thought that this point in the story would affect its opening on Karwa Chouth day?

That apart what killed Karzzzz was its bad releasing strategy of releasing it in the pre-Diwali week when watching a film is not an as exciting idea as going for shopping and decorating one’s houses is for the common man.

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