Aamir Khan flaunts his beefcake

John Abraham Move aside John Abraham and Salman Khan . The first look of Ghajini has Aamir Khan flaunting a beefcake that can put many to shame.

Though we had already seen the scars on his head, we get a sneak peek at Aamir’s rippling muscles for the first time in the first look of ‘Ghajini’. The look has Aamir’s perfectly toned body inked with tattoos of names, dates, numbers and even a statement.

In the film, Aamir’s character is an amnesiac who can’t remember any details about the people who murdered his girlfriend. So he tattoos his body with whatever reminders that can get him close to the murderers.

Scribbled across his chest is a statement that reads ‘Kalpana Was Killed’ to remind himself of his girlfriend’s murder.

Aamir’s beefcake for the film wasn’t developed overnight. The actor worked hard to build his body for months before he got the eight-pack abs he wanted. And today, after seeing his brawns in Ghajini’s first look, many people in Bollywood have been flabbergasted.

Imran Khan , for instance, goes on to say that Aamir has the best body in Bollywood presently.

‘Ghajini’ is a remake of A R Murugadoss’s hit Tamil movie that was inspired from director Christopher Nolan’s psychological thriller ‘Memento’.

Apart from Aamir, ‘Ghajini’ stars Asin and Jiah Khan .

2 responses »

  1. sadia says:

    east or west aamir is the best i love him

  2. topgirl says:

    aamir is a very good actor

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