The handsome lad Ali Merchant and beautiful Sara Khan add a cute new member in their family… To know who it is, read further…

Ali Merchant and Sara Khan, the very much in love couple, are on cloud number nine.  And they  have a reason to be!! The duo recently added a new member to their family, a new pug named Saggi.

An exhilarated Ali says, “We have recently added a new member to our family. It’s a small pug and we call him Saggi. He is really cute and we both are very happy to have him.”

“We love him very much and find it very difficult to stay away from him for a long period of time. Hence, we alternately take him to the sets with us”, adds Ali.

Aww!!! Isn’t that  sweet??? Well, don’t be surprised if you see the couple coochie cooing, it’s all thanks to their new found love, Saggi.

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  1. Achal says:

    ail what ever is ur name get out from Sara’s life beacuse u r so dam dead n u doesn’t even look handsome like Angad dat u, u cnt bit hem in his life n Sara how coma u picked him in ur life plzzzzzzzzzz throw him out from ur life n take Angad plzzzzz.bye.

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