The entire Agarwal family that ruled the hearts of millions over the past 8 years finally unite to live happily ever after!! The show will culminate with a grand Dussehra celebrating marking the triumph of good over evil…

After ruling television’s prime time slot of 10.00 pm for eight long years, the very popular show, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii is all set to bid adieu.

The show has been a reflection of what families in India stand for, reflection of what Star Plus believes in – tradition, values, morals and familial bonding. Right from its inception, the Agarwal family has been an integral part of the Hindi speaking households in the country and continues to remain so even as its end draws near. Every character, be it the devoted and dutiful daughter-in-law, Parvati (Saakshi Tanwar), the obedient son, Om (Kiran Karmarkar), the loyal brother and brother-in-law, Kamal (Ali Asgar), has become iconic and inspirational. Parvati has become the epitome of sacrifice and devotion to her family. The audience has loved to hate the scheming and conniving daughters-in law, Pallavi (Achint Kaur) and Trishna (Mita Vashisht). These characters have gone beyond television; they have become a part of our lives.

And now, as the 9th of October draws nearer, the Agarwal Parivaar is gearing up to bid farewell to its audience. Speaking about the successful run and finale of the show, Anupama Mandloi, Senior Creative Director, Star Plus, says, “Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii is concluding after a successful span of 8 years. A show that created history and was a landmark for Indian television ends on the 9th Oct 2008. It is a time of nostalgia, sadness and yet a feeling of triumph for all those associated with the show. This week will be a tribute and a farewell to one of the biggest successes on television.”

Knowing Ekta Kapoor, we are sure that one of her longest running shows will not end without a grand fanfare. And true enough, the final episode of Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki will showcase the celebration of Dussehra – the triumph of good over evil – on a grand scale. The audience will witness the coming together of the entire Agarwal Parivaar, setting a perfect example of their unity. As a turn of events takes place, Trishna and her evil ways are exposed.

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