Tony and Deeya Singh of DJ Productions plan to come up with a sequel to Sony’s most popular show Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi by the beginning of next year…

Good news is in store for all Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi fans as the makers of the show, Tony and Deeya Singh are contemplating coming up with a sequel to it.

Producer Tony Singh of DJ Productions confirms the same as he says, “We always planned to come back with a second season of the show. And now we think it’s the right time to bring it out.”

Mona Singh has also expressed a keen interest in doing the project. When asked about the rest of the cast, Tony replies, “We plan to rope in as much of the old cast as possible. It might not be an easy task as a lot of them are busy with other commitments and assignments.” However, when we contacted Manini De, who played Pari in the show, she said she would be more than willing to do the sequel, if asked.

On the possible dates for the project to hit the floors, Tony says, “We hope to start by early next year, but nothing has been finalized yet.”

On conditions of anonymity, some of the old cast commented saying, “The second season will possibly see Jassi return as a mentor to a new girl who is in the same situation she was in.”

Well, are all Jassi lovers game to the second season being planned??

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