Twinkle’s return, a sort-of expected elimination and many more surprises this week in Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket…

After the exit of the very popular Karan Patel from 9X’ Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket, it is now the turn of Reshmi Ghosh to be shown the door this week!!

A very disappointed yet cheerful Reshmi told us, “I was mentally prepared for my elimination every week. But I feel sad for my Dada (her partner) as he is a very nice guy. However, I think he needs to work harder to get a place in the professional arena”. Reshmi feels that their elimination was justified as they had been in the danger zone quite number of times and they were never in full swing.

Well, Bollywood Ka Ticket and without controversies?? Just wait as we give you an insight on it!! The ‘expected’ has happened and Twinkle Bajpai and Puneet Israni are back into the show and not surprisingly, they perform on ‘I am the Best’ number and get applauded by the mentors!! On her comeback, Twinkle states, “I am happy to be back that too on public demand. The contestants have also welcomed me in a nice way and have accepted the fact that the public is with me”.

No doubt, happy days are back again for Twinkle, but the same cannot be said for Jai Bhanushali as he was feeling ‘fish out of water’ on being the only Western Sharks contestant remaining with both Karan Patel and Abigael out of the contest! But the most upsetting thing about this week’s episode was that all the three mentors gave Jai the lowest scores despite he being the only celebrity to get a ‘Once More’ cry from the audience!! We called Jai to get his reaction on this and the actor who sounded disturbed said, “Yes I am very upset with the score because I think I performed very well and they gave me 22 marks. I was expecting more than that. I think I will raise my voice against it in the next episode. I think people should watch Shabana Azmi while giving marks. And I am requesting my fans that if I spoke a bit in the next episode, please forgive me as I am forced to speak out!!”

Well, will we see the wipe-out of Western Sharks next week with Jai’s ouster?? Or will there be a twist in the tale???

2 responses »

  1. amita says:

    plz bring twinkle n puneet back…………..

  2. topgirl says:

    i hope jai doesn’t go

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