After all the heated arguments on sets of Ek Se Badkar Ek it’s now time for some enjoyment!! To know more read here…

Pulses were set roaring when Katrina Kaif and Vipul Shah, the ace director, made their presence felt on the sets of Zee TV Ek Se Badhkar Ek to promote their forthcoming movie, Singh is Kinng. Ahmad Khan pulled Katty on stage to jive with him on the chart busting numbers of Singh is Kinng. So did Aneek Dhar, who also dedicated a song to her from the same movie.

But the man of the moment who surpassed it all was certainly none other than Abhishek Awasthi, who apparently could not contain his happiness on seeing sizzling Kat. The theme was to dance on their favorite jodi number and Abhishek gave a mind blowing performance. He started his performance on the song from Salman Khan’s movie, Mujhse Shaadi Karogi, “jeene ke hai chaar din” dressed as a champu but to everybody’s surprise suddenly bared it all in front of everyone on the stage. So floored was he after seeing Katrina that he couldn’t hold on to his clothes.

“Actually I love Salman and Priyanka’s pair besides admiring Salman Khan. So this time I thought of giving a performance on Jeene ke Hai Chaar Din as Salman gave in the movie Mujhse Shaadi karogi. It was always a dream to perform on that song”, says Abhishek when we called him.

So how did Katrina react to his semi-nude performance? “Katrina praised me and said that Salman gave the performance after many takes but you gave it in a single shot. She also applauded my courage to go bare on stage,” said a thrilled Abhishek. Ahmed Khan, the judge of the show also showered praise on Abhishek, “One really has to have a perfect body to give such a performance and you did full justice to it.”

This out of the blue strip tease act of his took not only Katrina but everybody off guard. Clad in just underwear and a tiny sarong clinging to his waist (not to forget the six pack abs), the guy trying to ape Sallu bhai simply rocked the stage and earned lots of cheers and applause.

Our sources also informed that, “Abhishek has scored full 10 on 10 for his mind blowing performance”.

Well it is said that hard work always pays and it holds so true in case of Abhishek!!

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