Vinod Tharani, the actor cum coach plays the pivotal character of Kripacharya in Ekta’s Kahaani Humaarey Mahaabhaarat Ki… Here is the actor in conversation..

Vinod Tharani, who was earlier seen in soaps like Kaajal on Sony, Pancham on Zee TV, and Kohinoor on Sahara, is back to television with Ekta’s Mahaabhaarat on 9X.

The actor will be seen playing the role of Kripacharya, the chief priest in the court of Hastinapur. “It is good to be part of Ekta’s Mahaabhaarat, as unlike the earlier version of the epic which had all the drama, Ekta’s Kahaani Humaarey Mahaabhaarat Ki, as the name suggests, is her interpretation of the epic, where she is making it more realistic, focusing on look, costumes, screenplay and other intricate details,”, quips Vinod.

Vinod apart from being an actor, is also a good singer, and also teaches acting and language to many an aspirant. “I have been a coach now for 7 years. Few of the actors who have come to me for coaching are Deepika Padukone, Jacqueline Fernandes, Gauri Khan’s cousin Karan Sagoo, Zoha Morani, daughter of Kareem Morani”, says he.

Moving back to Mahaabhaarat, the actor is happy to have got the role of Kripacharya. Talking about the mixed response the epic generated in its opening week, the actor says, “Ekta is trying hard to give it her best shot. Earlier, there used to be one channel; but now, the viewers can choose between various channels. So I guess with time, people will accept Ekta’s interpretation of Mahaabhaarat and will appreciate it too”.

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