Shahid, Vidya friendship sours

Vidya Balan and Shahid Kapur, said to have enjoyed great rapport during the making of ‘Kismat Konnection’, are now not on talking terms.

Their friendship ended with the release of the film, which got a lukewarm response at the box office.

‘Vidya and Shahid have not talked to each other after wrapping up the shooting of the film,’ said a source close to the production team of the film.

‘They share a formal relationship and act more like colleagues in an office. The duo were seen at the premiere, but they were hardly talking to each other,’ added the source.

Shahid and Vidya’s pair was much appreciated by the whole team of the film.

Even director Aziz Mirza had commented about their pairing.

He said: ‘I think Shahid and Vidya make a perfect pair. They reciprocate to each other very well and I think they will form one of the best pairs of Bollywood in the future.’

If industry sources are to be believed, it is Shahid who has changed his attitude towards Vidya because he has found a new friend in tennis star Sania Mirza.

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