Abhijeet Bhattacharya – one of the judges of Zee Tv’s Reality Show Ek Se Badhkar Ek refused to judge a contestant Mussarat Abbas just because he is from Pakistan. Due to this he was fired from the show… but now he will continue to judge

Abhijeet Bhattacharya, the judge of Zee’s Ek Se Badhkar Ek took a stand that he will not judge Mussarat Abbas contestant of ‘Sa re ga ma pa challenge 2007’ just because he is from Pakistan. After Mussarat entered the show in wild card entry Abhijeet went to the extend of leaving the show. Alka Yagnik was contacted to join the show as a judge. Abhijeet asked Zee TV to throw him(Mussarat) out of the show if they wanted him in the show. Zee TV could not take such injustice and did not think twice before showing him the door out of the show due to his behavior and fired him. They contacted Alka Yagnik to judge the show who agreed to do so. Later Abhijeet said he will continue to judge the show, and this is the latest news!! According to our reports Abhijeet was shown the exit door from the show or in other words he was fired but Abhijeet denies that and says who are they to fire me. Later Abhijeet was heard shouting “THE SHOW MUST GO ON”.

Mussarat Abbas (in pictures below)….

Initially Abhijeet showed his displeasure to Zee Tv over the entry of Mussarat. But no one paid heeds to his demand. Later during the shooting of the episode Abhijeet refused to give marks to Mussarat and asked his co-judge Ahmed to mark him for the rest of the show. In front of everyone and camera he said whenever Mussarat will sing he will not mark him as he does for other contestants. Before this also he had once asked Aneek Dhar not to sing blockbuster song “Pehli Nazzar” from Race on this show because it is sung by Pakistani singer Atif Aslam. This is simply ridiculous. This is atleast not expected from someone like him. For your information let me say Atif Aslam is such a famous and talented singer that Indian Music Directors went to Pakistan to record his songs when Atif did not get his VISA. This is the first time in the history of Indian Television a judge wants to leave a show because of a contestant.

Atif Aslam(in picture below)..

According to the format of the show a jodi comprises of one singer and one dancer and after the performance they are supposed to choose any one judge whose marks will be counted. Generally the singers choose Abhijeetda and the dancers choose Ahmedbhai. But Abhijeetda simply refused marking Mussarat. His dancing partner Sanober Kabir voiced her opinion and said she will also not receive any mark from Abhijeet ever in the show.

Before this he had once asked Aneek Dhar not to sing the song blockbuster song “Pehli Nazzar” from Race because it is sung by Pakistani singer Atif Aslam. This is simply ridiculous. This is atleast not expected from someone like him. This is the first time in the history of Indian Television a judge wants to leave a show because of a contestant. Only fault of Mussarat was that he is from Pakistan.

Amidst all the buzz making rounds that the singer has been replaced by Alka Yagnik as judge in Ek Se Badhkar Ek, Abhijeet confirms to us, “Yes, I will be continuing as judge in the show. After all, it is my baby; Ahmed and I have taken extra care that the show is clean devoid of vulgarity. So as a judge, I will move on”. When asked whether this means he will now judge Mussarat, he says “I had a talk with the channel authorities and we have come to a mutual decision. As Abhijeet the person, I stand by the ideologies I have even today. But the judge in me will rate Mussarat and the show will go on!!”.

Tarun Mehra, Business Head, Zee TV further confirms this and says, “Yes, we have amicably sorted things out. Abhijeet will be continuing”. When put the same question whether he will now judge Mussarat, Tarun Mehra comes up with a quick reply, “He has to judge him!! as a judge he needs to keep the show’s format in mind!!”.

“Now its time to ask our Sibasish Tinsel Town readers what they think of this policy of Abhijeet. Is it justified??? What do you think, let the world know. Is he doing duty of a true Indian?? This is an important issue and your opinion also matters. Please send us your views and let the world know what you think.”

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  1. shandy says:

    didnt abhijeet perfom in other countries and people of all religion and backgrounds went to his shows and supported his music……i think he is being rediculous..

  2. sabeena says:

    Abhijit is obviously jealous of pakistani singers beacause he isnt as popular anymore !

  3. Shubham mishra says:

    Abhijeet is a frustrated person,I can bet he has lost his mental balance,We all know the fact that he’s almost finish in bollywood and he is feeling insecure so he just create controversies to survive.Art and Music are uniting nations,but sad ! Abhijeet and even Adesh Srivastava are trying to break hearts

  4. Arif Chandani says:

    Well i still remember his 2003 interview, in which he criticized Nusrat Fate Ali khan and Adnan Sami. I am kinda shock to see Musarat in this show by knowing how abhijeet gona react. He needs to change his attitude or he’ll end up in a deep shit.

  5. required says:

    There has to be more to it; i’m sure if he had a thing against Pakistani people, then it would have been picked up by the media a long time ago. If all of this is true then Abhijit is a disgrace.

  6. Decong says:

    Abhijeet is a chicken-hearted low mentality racist who feels insecure from young Pakistani artists. No doubt he is completely insane (Nadaan- in Ek Se Badhkar Ek he himself said it is his nadaani not to give marks to Mussarat Abbas). Zee TV should not invite Pakistani contestants where lowly person Abhijeet is a judge or Abhijeet should have the guts to resign from such program. I fail to understand his hatred and sense of insecurity. If he has something against Pakistan, then he should give up music and join politics of hate and try is luck as a politician. Honestly he is a shame to those great artists in India and elsewhere who consider music a medium to unite the mankind and promote humanity and call music a state without borders. Now he says he will judge after an understanding reached with Zee management; how can one expect a fair judgment from a person like Abhijeet who “proudly” confesses his hatred for Pakistani artists? ZEE TV must not allow such discriminatory treatment to some contestants and remove Abhijeet who is not expected to award do judicious marks to Mussarat Abbas.

  7. Ridhima says:

    Will someone tell Abhijit that we are not living in medieval times! Dis is utterly shameful…
    Musarrat is a fabulous singer and kudos to Zee for standing by him.

  8. Malka says:

    Abhijeet should NEVER be asked to judge ANY show !
    He should be ashamed of the hatred he portrayed when he refused to judge Mussarat, a fabulous singer; also his comments re Atif and Rahat Fatehali just goes to show that he is filled with hatred. The man should be asked to leave the show and NEVER be approached to judge any show .
    Bringing him back on the show, is the biggest mistake.
    I know that for the first show, after all this havoc, he will give good marks to Mussarat, just to show, that he is fair( which is BS )…Knowing the slut that he is, he will make sure that Mussarat is thrown out as soon as possible.

    Zee TV is a national channel, not just Indian and so contestants come from all around the Globe; why this racism against just the Pakistanis!

    If Zee wants to continue to bring judges like Abhijeet who are rascists, then dont air these programs in any other country but India.
    Bloody Abhijeet should be thrown out. Bring Alka Yagnik as judge.

  9. Siddiqui says:


    What can I say? We (Indians and Pakistanis) live so peacfully in US that sometimes we are best friends of each others. My best buddy is from India I am from Pakistan and people like abhijeet are the once who live in their own 2×2 mental room for ever. He came to Karachi and performed and people loved him and gave him so much respect that he made comments that he does not want to go back. what should we call it? hypocrate? Fake personality. I loved his singing but now I don’t even want to listen to his voice.

    When he said things about Atif Aslam, I can understand since Atif is not such a great singer technically. But if he had said anything about Nusrat Khan Sahab than he really has no CLUE of what music is. he is not qualified to even sing in a bathroom.

  10. Nadia Khan says:

    well, I was never very fond of abhijeet’s voice to begin with… obviously a singer with low self confidence and insecurity would react to another singer in such manner. This just shows how some people in India are not willing and prepared to recognize the talent of pakistani singers. No matter how decent and modern this world will become, people like abhijeet will never overcome their disgusting and immature beliefs, that people once believed as a whole… bur that was back in 1900s. For the same reasons, Amanat Ali, another contestant from Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2007, was not recognized, to win the challenge because the voters in india were biased, and it was no surprise when he did not win… same abhijeet’s ideology was applied to him. It’s about time people grow the hell up and begin accepting and respecting other cultures and religions around them.

    • Tanvi says:

      We in India love and respect Pakistani talent. Proves so from the amount of work Pakistani singers are getting in India. What Abhijeet said was a one-off opinion. Jerks and idiots exist in every society… as much in yours as in mine. You cannot avoid fools as much as you would want to.
      Please do not generalize his bullshit as being the viewpoint of the Indian people.
      If you see through a red glass, everything will look red. Dont get caught up in other incidents and try giving them a racist feel.

      We love Atif, and Nusrat Khan ji, and Rahat Khan ji, and Ghulam Ali and Farida Khanum…

      We, as a society, accept, respect, and adapt to a large extent. If we didnt we would still be closed to foreign talent..which has NEVER been the case.
      “It’s about time people grow the hell up and begin accepting and respecting other cultures and religions around them.”

      So..This…is not called for.

    • Abhinav says:

      Then why the hell ur pakistani artist come here and sing.You want money fame and also accuse indians of foul play.Thts why i believe abhijeet is right when he says things like that to u mentality people.And he has got lot of support now after incidents like 26/11.A singer is first a pakistani or a indian ,he/she does not come from third world

    • GP65 says:


      People in India do not need your advise to appreciate people of ‘other religions’. First of all India is secular, so Muslims are not considered people of ‘other religion’. Secondly, India has a long tradition of Muslim contribution to music being highly appreciated. From Ustad Bismillah Khan (who was awarded Bharat Ratna – the highest Indian civilian award) to Ustad Allah Rakha, To Ustad Vilayat Khan, to Zakir Hussain, to Begum Parveen Sultana – India has been proud of the contributions of her Muslim sons and daughters.

      In film music whether it is music director Naushad or Ar Rehman, singer Mohammed Rafi or lyricist Jawed Akhtar they have been warmly embraced.

      Please don’t compare your country’s insular attitudes with those of India’s.

  11. Nadia Khan says:

    Mussarat is phenominal singer with a unique voice. After Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Mussarat has that gift and magic in his voice, that when he sings, it gives you the chills. Insha Allah, Mussarat will gain recognition for his voice and talent, and not only Pakistan but the world will fall in love with his voice. There will be many people like abhijeet who will feel jealous, because they are ignorant and lack intellectual capabilities, which include but are not limited to; thinking, reasoning, and acquiring and applying knowledge. so Best of luck to Mussarat Abbas, and May Allah help those who spread hate and jealousy.

  12. Loda Lasan says:

    Abhijeet is a racist gay

  13. indiapakpeacegirl says:

    I think it is just terrible that somebody of Abhijeet’s position could be such a racist, especially in this day and age. Both countries and their inhabitants are fnally making an effort towards love and peace, and it is really disappointing to see people with such an influence to help this noble cause add fuel to the fire instead. I agree, there is a ton of talent in India many of whom will never get a chance to showcase it, but the Pakistani public loves and appreciates Indian talent as much, if nor more, than Indians themselves. Also, I find it very funny that Abhijeet has no problems traveling the world and taking money from non-Indians for concerts and royalties from his music, and he also has no problem with the fact the Indian cinema and artists have been copying Pakistani songs and poetry by Pakistani artists for decades. He is among the singers who has sung some these songs himself! Perhaps he should do a little homework, and learn to respect all human beings. I don’t think insulting such treasures as Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is gonna help his cause, especially not in India, where by the grace of god, Pakistani talent has always been welcomed and appreciated by the general public; just as Indian talent has been appreciated in Pakistan.

    Peace and Love,


  14. ali raza says:

    i am a pakistani and i was really a fan of abhijit, i have never thought that he is an indian, i read that his point of view was that indian singers are not having work and preetam (music director) is with Atif Aslam. i think so it is Atif, Rahat, Musarrat and others’ telent which is attracting indian music directors as well public. so abhijit should not say like this now i am sure that his work will not be admired in pakistan as well as it was previousely done by pakistani. He should feel regret about his thoughts against us. whatever the reason he is presenting.

  15. Samrat says:


    Sorry to say but your action and comments were disgraceful. People with public fame (like yourself) should try and bridge the gap between India and Pakistan, however it is a shame to see you behave like this.

    On top of all you are an artist and I am sure you understand that ART is above all race, religion and other man made barriers.

    I think you need to apologies to Musarat and be a TRUE INDIAN !

  16. Sangeeta says:

    Abhijeet should be ashamed of himself and Zee should never ask him to judge any show or he should not perform on satge anywhere. Unko Roti nahee milni chahiye Sangeet se

  17. bittu says:

    abhijit is an idiot and he should be kicked out of the show! he sucks @ judgeing! what a b**ch!

  18. Zack says:

    The name abhijeet means “the winning one”. Too bad that an artist
    has instead decide to end up behaving like a loser. A better alternate would have been to allow the best to excel irrespective of color, creed, ethnicity or origin.

    Organizers of talent competitions need to take urgent steps to stop this spreading any further by subjective elements driven by biases and motivated with prejudice do not cloud the reputation of a popular music show.

    I hope producers will take steps to address such regretable attitude. A large number of young men and women will be wondering who will show to them the standards of magnanimity and grace to the younger generation watching such shows if those supposed to evaluate a performance on the stage use it to pass judgement about matters off the stage?

  19. Omar says:

    u know, if the pakistani media makes it a big issue…and its not hard for ny media to make a big issue…then abhijeet can get into massive trouble worlwide, he’ll have a stamp on his forehead which would say racist…he doesnt realise RACISM is a massive crime and im shocked that the indian goverenment hasnt done anything of the sort.
    Abhijeet, im atleast 20 years younger than you…ive one thing to say…i hate you because your racist.

    • nitin says:

      ya, u r right… Rasicm is a crime, i agree wid u.. bt wat ur pakistan did on 26/11, wat do u think was that???? worship???

  20. Abhijeet is a skunk of a man who doesnt have the guts to face others.
    Mussarat should have also left the show in protest

  21. Pia says:

    Abhijeet I am so suprised that you could do this. I mean come on, we Indians are never so racist you are accusing Indians of racism.

  22. VK says:

    Pagla gaya hai abhijeet.

  23. Raja Kamran Zia says:

    Sorry to say But Abhijeet is also a human being. I m Pakistani and I have sympathies with him. When a person is not enjoying the treatment he wants. And someone else enjoying that. This can be hurt. If this feeling exists then the person should visit a psychiatrist. So Abhijeet should find someone who can give him relief.

  24. vm says:

    The real reason that Abhijeet didn’t want to judge Mussarat is because of the political stance he has taken recently. He and others (like Jagjit Singh) have formed a coalition that will fight for the rights of Indian singers. Their statement is that the jobs should stay local. Music directors are giving jobs to foreigners who take the money out of the economy and go back to their own country’s to spend it. Problem is that those other country’s are not reciprocating. Pakistani music directors will not call on Indian singers to make music.

    He did get angry at Aneek for singing Atif Alsam’s song because he felt that the original was so poorly sang that all the singing contestants should should be striving to sing like real talent.

  25. santy says:

    Indian singers dont have work bcoz Indian Music Directors value them less… its all money….

  26. krishna says:

    I like Abhijeet best.

  27. abhinav says:

    abhijeet is a fabulas singer..he is one of the melody king in industry..he is dem talented….but as every person has some gud and some bat qualities in him,,he is even one of them….but his attitude toward’s pakistan is right….

  28. vipin says:


  29. jugnu says:

    Lot of people, including me were upset when we heard of Abhijeet’s behaviour.

    But now 26/11 has happened. And instead of condemning it, most Pakistanis, including their government and army only tried to blame Indians for it. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, Paksitanis only end up spreading terror and hatred throughout the world.

    Even their cricketer, Imran Khan, whom many Indians feted, only insulted and hurt us by first defending Laskhkar and then trying to shift the blame on the attack on the Sri Lankan cricketers to India.

    So we really have to understand the basic pyche of the Pakistanis before we engage them. These guys are only interested in hurting India. Their bad history books have taight them all sort of crap. That is why the Taliban will finally conquer Pakistan.

  30. KHUSHI says:


  31. Sumit says:

    Abhijeet is a loser.. tats it..
    Atif Aslam Rocks… and abhijeet SUX big time..

    • khyal says:

      Abhijeet never be a loser ….i don’t know why he not singing these days..May be he have some problem….just like Kavita Krishnamurthy.she is also talented (got Filmfare Best Female Playback Awards, 3 consecutive years)but now-a-days she not record music because of his sinus problem……..Atif Aslam is a thief …he robbed music from his own sibling paki band “Jal” & betrayed them….& got fame………he have little good voice….. but never can put emotion in song like abhijeet……

      But i like the voice of “Goher Mumtaz”- a lead vocalist of “Jal” band……i also saw their live performance once….thats was so amazing.

  32. Aditya says:

    Hum Indians ko humare sahidon ka khoon ko nahi bhoolna chahiye.
    I think Abhijeet has got fed up from these things,the pakistani attacks.
    mujhe dukhi hai ki Indians ek Indian ko samajh nahi paye.

  33. arun says:

    No swwet talk with enimy country. Abhijit is right. tit for tat.

  34. arun says:

    No sweet talk with enemy country. Abhijit is right. Tit for tat.

  35. sumit says:

    abhijeet is gud singer . no dout. but it can not be said that………

  36. John MArtin says:

    Abhijeet is a racist. He should be banned from Indian Music Industry.
    He is not a good singer. In fact when he sings it sounds like torture to the music itself…. low grade.person…

  37. Shiraz Khan says:

    All I want to say is that being a guru , and mentor is a great position

    You have to nurture talent – you cannot THROW shit at other artist who are not even in show to defend themselves –

    Abhijit was only jelous because Atif is loved by Young Generation he is a true Rock/Pop artist – that sings a modern style of songs his genre is different.

    Its shame that he was so racist to Poor Musarrat , I mean that guy also was very very talanted singer – and the guy refused to judge him.

    I mean – what kind of a teacher is he if he cannot mentor and support a young talanted artist.

    Abhijit has no place as a judge and I will likely not listen to his song


  38. Affan says:

    i must say music has no boundaries

  39. aatif says:

    I think u guys are not understanding his point he told against country not realision……He should praised for tht…
    because wht he is saying if u have talent here why not using them…

    indian people r picking the because they r ready in less money …it is no a relegion or any thing

  40. ali says:

    is it fair for abhijeet to refuse to judge a singer even when his his job primarily is to judge the contestants. i mean it is morally wrong. i m sure abhijeet must have been loved by many in pakistan and india but now after making such remarks many poeple will hate him. singers are usually love by people no matter which country they from. they entertain people but unfortunately abhijeet has decided only to entertain haters.

    may peace and love prevail

    love from pakistan

  41. Ashish says:

    Abhiteet is correct…Why should we allow people from Enemy Country which blasts bombs in our Cities to sing in shows? So many of our Soldiers loose life fighting against that country, and we want people from that country to sing?No other country will do this…Agreed that Art has no bounderies …but it can flourish only when there is mutual trust,peace accross the border and good will.

  42. akkhil says:

    abhijeet is racist!! bullshit!! it was pakistanis who made pakistan resulting in the murder of uncountable people…in the name of religion..not abhijeet!!! if pakistanis love india so much..why did they make pakistan??!!all pakis are racists!! in india all live in peace!!

  43. Andy says:

    abhijeet was absolutely right, bohot dukh ki baat hai ki abhijeet ne jo bhi kaha wo indian struggling singers k bhale k liye bola, or unki is statment pe kuchh indian b unke against hain, or aise indians k liye main yehi kehna chahata hu ki 26/11 ko tum ya koi tumhara apna Taz me hota to tumhe abhijeet ka ye statment bohot pasand aata or tumhare comment kuchh or hi hote….. are 1 baar socho ki Sonu nigam, kk, shaan, abhijeet,neeraj, shankar, hariharan, udit… itne talendet singers k hote hue hume kya zarurat hai pakistaniyo ko bulane ki…n i challenge u ki ye Atif without software ki help k gaana gaye toh aap uski aawaz ko sun bhi nahi sakte… ab se 8-9 saal pehle aisa kuchh nahi tha dat was the real singing.. or aap sab ko yeto pata hai ki abhijeet ne atif ko besura kaha pr kya ye pata hai ki aatif ne bhi kitna galat reply kiya tha, abhijeet k saath-2 indians ko bhi,,,, m feeling so bad for abhijeet ki jinke liye unhone ye sab kiya wo hi unke against hain…. YE HAI MERA INDIA..

  44. Andy says:

    abhijeet was absolutely right, bohot dukh ki baat hai ki abhijeet ne jo bhi kaha wo indian struggling singers k bhale k liye bola, or unki is statment pe kuchh indian b unke against hain, or aise indians k liye main yehi kehna chahata hu ki[BHAGWAAN NA KARE KI KABHI AISA HO] par agar 26/11 ko tum ya koi tumhara apna Taz me hota to tumhe abhijeet ka ye statment bohot pasand aata or tumhare comment kuchh aur hi hote….. are 1 baar socho ki Sonu nigam, kk, shaan, abhijeet,neeraj, shankar, hariharan, udit… itne talendet singers k hote hue hume kya zarurat hai pakistaniyo ko bulane ki…n i challenge u ki ye Atif without software ki help k gaana gaye toh aap uski aawaz ko sun bhi nahi sakte… ab se 8-9 saal pehle aisa kuchh nahi hota tha dat was the real singing.. or aap sab ko yeto pata hai ki abhijeet ne atif ko besura kaha pr kya ye pata hai ki aatif ne bhi kitna galat reply kiya tha abhijeet k saath-2 indians ko bhi,,,, agar Abhijeet ki jagah ye sab kisi pakistani ne kisi indian k liye bola hota toh pura pakistan uske support me hota….BUT YE HAI MERA INDIA.. m feeling so bad for abhijeet ki jinke liye unhone ye sab kiya wo hi unke against hain…

  45. kamran says:

    abijit sahab mera naam kamran hai me ne ek song banaya hai plz mujhey moqa den jawab meray email per digoye ga

  46. Asad Ali says:

    I have no respect for Abhijeet Bhattacharya. He needs to set an example that he was once a great singer but by making these stupid comments he has destroyed his image.

  47. faiza says:

    this is truely racist and wnt b hapening

  48. Zain says:

    ya, u r right… Rasicm is a crime, i agree wid u.. bt wat ur pakistan did on 26/11, wat do u think was that???? worship???

    Do You Still Think it woz Pakistan?
    Stop Being A Kid Your Goverment is Still Finding Proofs

    i cant stop my laugh@

  49. P. SANGAMESHWAR says:

    What Abhijeet did was not against the singer, but against the country PAKISTAN, which always hates INDIA and crerates lot of problems for INDIA. PAKISTAN is not a good neighbour country for INDIA. During the recent floods, when INDIAN Govt was giving financial and humanitarian aid, the PAKI Govt refused to accept, how about that??? ZEE TV should avoid such situations. My support for Abhijeet for his ideology on this issue.

  50. […] the original post: Abhijeet Bhattacharya refuses to judge Pakistani singer Mussarat … […]

  51. Nasir Khan says:

    After reading all the comments from Indian public, I am of the opinion that Pakiatsnis must not go to that country to perform. I really hoped that India being the biggest country in South in Asia would lead the friendship from the front. But after reading these narrow minded comments its just not right for Pakiatanis to go to India and perform.

  52. WANTED says:

    It is shame to see Abhijeet Bhattacharay behaviour towards Pakistani singer. He should realize that when he was in USA for show 90% show organizer were Pakistani Muslim, Pakistani Muslim is bread and butter for his family, these people make more money than they sing one song in film, he should be thankful to Pakistani Muslim.

    He is out of control because he lost his fame in industry, there are a thousands of new singers in industry who 1000% times better than ABHIJEET BHATTACHARY, he is insecured and finish.

    SONU NIGHAM/RAHAT FATEH ALI KHAN & ATIF ASLAM lot more are leading the Bollywood industry in most of the songs.

    carrier in BENAGLI SONGS you do not have any more room in Bollywood. GOOD BYE

  53. khyal says:

    i love abhijeet & i loved his voice.I don’t think he never feel insecure in music industry.he never gonna finished…i don’t care what people comment on him..he commented about paki people that is his personnel matter…thats not a national issue…media shows its in big(basically Z TV) to gain his popularity…..& make their shows more popular……..Abhijeet has talent he did not need popularity by involving in controversial matter……..but the media people love this type of controversial matter….

  54. Syed Aadil says:

    Abhijeet is a brainless idiot……a racist……a hate monger…..I am almost out of words…..Plz add further.
    We love the voices of Atif,Rahat exactly like we like the voices of Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan and Shaan.All are unique in their places and deserve their due respect.
    Today all chartbusters songs in Indian films are being sung by Rahatji and its our own music directors like Pritam,Visha-Shekhar and ……. who want him in thier songs.
    We as Indians don’t have any problems in this.
    Abhijeet is mentally sick and needs to learn some basic lessons of how to behave as a human being.

  55. Deepak singh majila says:

    Abhijit is true INDIAN. Indian’s who are not support Abhijit are pakistani go your country.

  56. happy says:

    musarat and atif are top class singr. Abhijeet is a bull shit singer only sung romantic song only.how could he judge sufi singer

  57. PP says:

    Abhijeet is a true Indian !! He did a very right thing not to judge a pakistani contestent, why pakistani’s are coming to India. Do pakistani’s let our singers sing in Pakistan, never.
    Shame to any Indian who are supporting pakistani singers, They are not true Indian, go to pakistan and then praise them and stay their, don’t come India.

  58. shubham says:

    atif aslam is very best singar and song

  59. atif says:

    fuck off abhijeeet

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