A mirror is an object of desire to many (read ‘all’). But, if one were to think of the same on a philosophical level, then, it gets revealed that it’s not the mirror, but, it’s the mirror image that one is in love with! And can you imagine what will be your plight when you see your mirror image standing in front of you? Well, we are only asking you to imagine. But Bollywood’s darling Salman Khan actually lived the experience of seeing his mirror image – live in flesh!

This happened on the sets of TV’s most popular game show these days – ‘Dus Ka Dum’. Salman Khan met up with his look-alike on the show, who, in real life, happens to be a dancer. While dancing in the show, the look-alike was really surprised and shocked (to say the least) to see Salman sneak up from behind him and strike a similar pose! What happened after that was out of anybody’s imagination. Even as Salman was talking to his look-alike, the young man walked away as he was totally confused on coming face-to-face with his idol! One can’t blame the poor guy though, because after all, he was in front of THE Salman Khan! On seeing his look-alike walking away, the real Salman in his usual trademark humor shrugged and remarked “Salman Khan sure has attitude!”. We simply second that, Sallu Mia!

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  1. love guru says:

    wow i have to watch this episode..its g8. And thanks Sibasish Tinsel Town for the news..
    I think this is the best blog-website in the internet… I am a fan of this website…

  2. love guru says:

    Dus ka dum is surely better than SRK’s kya aap panchvi paas se teez hai….
    And again thanks Sibasish Tinsel Town for this best website

  3. love guru says:

    and yes i like the news of battle between you and shahrukh. plz beat the shahrukh he is very selfish person in bollywood.

  4. love guru says:

    mujhe ek chiz aachi nahi lagi aapki ki aapne Akshay ko nahi bulaya katrina ki party me because uski wajah se to Katrina bollywood ki favorite heroine ban gayi hai. and don’t forget she is a most searchable women on internet. Ok bye
    Best Website is this………

  5. Hemmy says:

    ITS not good for you and Shahruk khan fight, you are the best always remain the best – and love guru salman keep your temper cool, Temper is evil ………………………..

  6. amarjeet says:

    aamir khan and salman khan are barking like a mad dogs. they needs to get some manners classes. both are very stupid and looks goondas. I feel
    like slapping both.

  7. mohit & moin khan says:

    how r u salman bhai.

    katrina pe najar rakha karo aisa lagta hai uska ranbeer ke sath kuchh chal raha hai aur aap nai nai heroin ko itna establish mat kiya karo kyonki aap bahot achhe ho aur ye sab selfish hoti hai ye apna matlab nikal ke aapko chhod deti hai.exp:-aish,sangeeta,kat,now isabel and list is very long…………

    ye sab kewal success ke liye hi natak karti hai ki i love u only fake.aur aapka name le ke ye sali apne aap ko bada batati hai

    aur salman bhai aap aur shahrukh don’t fight because u r very sweet and he is very selfish so only make professional relation with him.

    aur yaar aap bahot bhole ho sabki help karte ho per sab kam hone ke baad aapko chhod dete hai

    so take care.
    love u.
    and we hope aap bahot success ho
    we all pray for u.

  8. abid khan says:

    ALLAH ko yad karo , think about end of day.he never forgive.u think i am bollywood hero. i am not u r fan

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