Mallika SherawatMallika Sherawat refuses to go on Salman’s show
18th July 2008  15.00 IST
By Sibasish Tinsel Town

If the Bollywood buzz is to be believed, Mallika Sherawat turned down the offer of participating in Salman Khan ’s show ‘Dus Ka Dum’.

Producers of the film Ugly Aur Pagli planned to promote the movie through television by getting Mallika, the film’s leading lady, on Salman’s show. However, since Mallika is not known to share friendly vibes with Salman, she reportedly turned down the offer.

The chill between Mallika and Salman goes back to year 2006 when the two had some kind of disagreement while performing at Rockstars tour in the UK. Salman, who is not known to forgive his foes easily, has not tried to mend fences with Mallika since then.

However, the producers and presenters of ‘Ugly Aur Pagli’ recently wanted Mallika to appear on ‘Dus Ka Dum’ and TV channel Sony was also eager to have her, but Mallika wasn’t interested.

Another theory goes that the dates that Mallika had free did not match with the days the channel could accommodate her on the show.

Whatever the case, Mallika has told the film’s makers she is open to promoting the film through other mediums or shows.

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