Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan will have a star-studded episode in the coming week which will see an on-screen celebration as the serial completes a run of 6 years…

Kumkum Ek Pyaara Sa Bandhan on Star Plus completes 6 years of its successful run today, on July 15th!! The story track post reincarnation is at a very crucial stage wherein Sumit and Kumkum are out to unmask Ratan and his mom; while Sumit played by Hussein aims to prove his innocence before his dad, Kumkum aka Juhi Parmar wants to unite her sister Mini and Gaurav.

A grand party on the lines of OSO will be seen on the occasion of the 25th wedding anniversary of Sumit’s parents which will mark the culmination of the present story track wherein Sumit-Kumkum expose the evil plans of Ratan and his mom! The party which also promises the viewers of many more years of gripping tracks in Kumkum will see a big line-up of celebrities shaking their legs on the very popular OSO track.

Confirming the celebrity list is Kajal Shah, Creative Director, BAG Films, “The celeb list includes the popular on and off screen trio, Angad Hansija–Sara Khan-Ali Merchant, Jay Bhanushali, Aneesha Kapoor, Muskaan Mehani, Gautam Rode, Rajeshwari Badola, Pawan Shankar, Deepshika, Bhuvanesh Mann and above all, Hussein Kuwajerwala’s wife Tina Kuwajerwala”. Giving an insight on the dance performances, Kajal says, “The entry of the celebrities will be with the popular OSO track. There will be a sensational and romantic number of Sumit and Kumkum on the song ‘Saason Ko Saason Main’ from Hum Tum and Ratan’s true face will be revealed in the song ‘Aaj Ki Raat’…

When asked Rajesh Chaddha, Supervising Producer, BAG Films about Kumkum’s 6 year completion, he says, “We do not believe in celebrating numbers. It looks to me as though Kumkum started just yesterday. It’s surely a nice feeling that the show has been liked by viewers for so long”. On the OSO party to be aired sometime next week in Kumkum, Rajesh Chaddha says, “We wanted to try something different. We did not want to party off screen, instead wished to involve our viewers in the celebration. The creative team was smart enough to include a big bash on screen in a power-packed episode which will also bring to end the pending story track!”. When asked on the track ahead, Rajesh says, “We have a mind-blowing track ahead, so just wait and watch!!”

Lastly, STT buzzed Tina Kuwajerwala who is very jubilant to be a part of Kumkum for the first time!! “Juhi, Hussein and I had a blast on the sets. Kumkum team is my family and I was honored to be part of the celebrity list. In addition to the dance moves given to the celebrities, I have shot for a signature step with Juhi and Hussein. I do not know whether they will include it, but am glad that I danced with them”, says a thrilled Tina.

Sibasish Tinsel Town (STT) wishes the team of Kumkum Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan on this phenomenal achievement!!

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