Chetan Hansraj shows his displeasure on the sets of 9X’s Kaun Jeetega Bollywood ka Ticket which creates a new controversy on the show.

Ekta Kapoor’s first Reality Show ‘Kaun Jeetega Bollywood ka Ticket’ is raising eye-brows. Audience are getting to see a lot of drama in this show. The show contestants were asked to maintain the decorum of the show but inspite of that they were seen going beyond their limits .

Punnet(in picture) below

Chetan Hansraj(in picture) below

Reality shows and controversies always go hand in hand. And following this trend, the introductory episode of 9X’s Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket stirred lot of hungama and this week’s episode was no different!!

Puneet, the young lad who created a ruckus in the very first episode made few passing comments on the television fraternity which did not go well with the celebrities. As he went on and on, the celebrities got to the stage and a heated argument followed which resulted in Chetan Hansraj slapping Puneet hard.

After getting the news ‘Sibasish Tinsel Town’ tried to confirm the news, and directly approached Chetan Hansraj. Chetan was ready with his reply and said, “It was not a fight but just an argument in which I just pushed Puneet. I was upset because he started using abusive words in front of everyone and I didn’t like anyone being abused. Later on I explained to him that it’s not nice to use bad words in front of such esteemed judges. I think till now he must have understood everything”. Due to this argument shooting had to be stopped for some time.

Balaji Telifilm head Ekta Kapoor refused to comment on this ugly act. She has however asked to cut some portion of the episode as it is a family show. But still much of this drama will be aired on TV. Due to this hangama the TRPs are expected to shoot high for this Balaji-Popcorn produced first Ekta Kapoor Reality Show on 9x.

Puneet made some ugly remarks at the TV celebrities saying they give easy excuses about their hectic schedule and do not do rehearsals and expect marks. Chetan did not like his gesture ” Aree yeh TV wale……” and also Puneet’s last week’s behavior of showing middle finger to all the TV celebrities in front of the judges. Chetan lost his cool and said the TV actors slog their asses out 18 hours a day and then they get the fame and money. Twinkle Bajpai who is Puneet’s partner in the show supported Puneet and that made Chetan more angry.

The situation is however under control. Chetan and Puneet had a talk after the shooting. And everything is normal now.

This makes this show a Must Watch for the high-voltage drama on 9X’s Kaun Jeetega Bollywood Ka Ticket on 20th July at 8 PM..


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  1. s.irfan says:

    ekta ji,
    once again,
    i am good script writer and acting please give the i chance my career please a waiting your reply

    thank you?

  2. bobby says:

    HI, I am theatre artist, I have done so many plays. I want to act in ur serial. If u give me a chance to become an actor. i shall be highly thankful to you.

    urs faithfully,


  3. payal khandewaal says:

    hai twinkle and puneet

    We miss you a lot on the stage of ‘kaun jeetheja bollywood ka ticket’ show.All the very best for your future.

    payal khandewaal.



  5. sumaira says:

    this chetan guy look like a sex addict maniac is he a big star in bollywood? or he is just a show piece in reality show in india? please tell me

  6. shikha says:

    Last episode meh karan ko vote out karne ke liye THANK YOU SO MUCH Jai.

  7. Nupur says:

    i want 2 give a slap on chetan face becoz he is the bladdy one in the show…… what the hell he think about himself.. woh entna smart nahi hae jeetna woh samajh ta hae usne khabhi apna thobada deakha hae the bladdy one kisika thookane ka maan bhe na kare………….and woh lambe se chediya the girl which was in red dress when tiwinkle was walk out and start crying and making faces……..usko ko bhe vote out karo show se……… show is for talented people not for ahra gara peoples,,,,,,,,,, agar woh khahaten hae ki they have experenice and they do work hard then they have to support and help the new onces…………

  8. mohmi02 says:

    I think what Chetan did was, one of the best thing happened to punit so far chetan should have done it long before b cause, a Cocky, Arrogant, Disrespecting character like punit has no right to make ugly comments on the entire TV feternity guy punit has forgot one thing that is he himself is trying to make career on (BHEEK) of the same TV feternity just vote out IDOT. after all what is the use of such Talent or face which has no respect for others. and Don’t forget he is the guy who showed fingers to each and every one on the set which is the most shameless thing happned so far on any television.

  9. pratik patel says:

    hi ekta didi
    i m only of 17
    i wann 2 work in your series as an negative
    so plz if u have some work than inform me
    cont no. 9909890910

  10. hi myself mounika
    i wann 2 work in ur series ektaji
    i wann to become a part of ur balaji telifilm
    plz inform me on 9974618943

  11. dr nina says:

    hi, u people r making good drama 2 have trp. but don’t do this at d cost of morals, this is not making good impression.

  12. dr nina says:

    hi, u people r making good drama 2 have trp. but don’t do this at d cost of morals, this is not making good impression.behave like humanbeing.

  13. star says:

    Well I m seeing this show here in UK today in march 09 and i really feel bad about puneet n twinkle. Also after goin through various comments above i dont understand why nupur is saying like this as no one has behaved badly with both of them until they have been provoked by them(puneet n twinkle). Come on guys u r here to entertain audience by ur acting but not by ur attitude. If u hve cme to any competition then enjoy it wid that spirit..i believe u mst hve been told about the rules beforehand but still u just spoiled the mood of the competition.

  14. Yasmin says:

    I did like twinkle and puneet they were alright. THE thing i dont get is why DID that judge, sorry i dont know her name, give them 1 for their perfromance just because puneet argued with whoever. the judges are there to give them marks on their PERFORMANCE, NOT BECASUE OF ANYTHING ELSE THAT GOES ON. That JUDGE IS JUST PATHETIC! oH yeah and why wasnt anything said to NAMAN WHEN HE WAS AGRUING WITH MAYAK. WHY WAS HE ALLWOED 2 GET AWAY WITH WHAT HE DID!. fAVOURITSM!!!!

  15. priya says:

    hey nupur i will give you a slapp chetan is right and puneet is wrong

  16. aleeza says:

    karan & mihika

    you are de best !!

  17. owais says:

    puneet was the best and chetan the lanky muppet is a tall ugly shit

  18. raj says:

    may i know the name of the lady anchor of bollywood ka ticket

  19. owais says:

    thug 4 lfy n if i waz der i wud hav kikd fuk outta chetan

  20. gopal sharma says:

    ekta ji i’m an unemployed computer engineer.i don’t want to be a computer engineer,my heart is in films and plays i found this in my i spent my four years in the role of an please just give me chance to prove myself and you will see,i’ll change the bollywood

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