It’s time for some divine blessings for the new couple-in-the-making, Ranveer Rajvansh (Kinshuk Mahajan) and Ragini (Parul Chauhan) in Rajan Shahi’s Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai!!

The track which now revolves around a cute and unique love story wherein they are just phone friends takes an interesting turn tonight, 17th July when Ranveer and Ragini come to a dargah to seek blessings, unaware of their link-up on phone! While Ranveer prays for a better future for him and his family, Ragini seeks happiness for Sadhana and her family!

A very realistic dargah set was erected last week for this important scene at the Russian Vila in Malad, which will have a four minute Qawwali sequence of the Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Says Parul, “The dargah sequence shoot was divine. The set was perfect and authentic. Rajan ji created a masterpiece, I would say”.

Kinshuk Mahajan describes love as something that cannot be described. On the love track blooming between Ranveer and Ragini in Bidaai, the actor says, “I think this is what we call true love where you don’t love the look of the person. It’s not infatuation; it has nothing to do with looks, where everything is related to the thought process”. Echoing the same sentiment is Parul who opines, “This love track is very interesting. Love in reality takes time to happen and instant love does not last for long. I would say slow and steady is more durable”.

The story so far in Bidaai has revolved around the family of Sadhana, the Rajvansh family and Sadhana-Alekh; hence this is the first time after the inception of the serial that the track is centered on Ragini and Ranveer. So did they feel left behind at any stage? “I am elated right now, as I am finally a part of the track. When I made my entry, I was shown as the happy-go-lucky guy, but then since the track had to move on in my absence, I had to go on a break. But Rajan ji kept telling me that I will be part of a major twist later on, and I am thankful that the phase has arrived now!”, says a jubilant Kinshuk.

Rajan Shahi, Producer and Series Director of Bidaai feels that Kinshuk and Parul have had all the patience and have been very co-operative. “I am very excited as this love track rolls on! The story ahead has been written so well that I am personally monitoring the scenes of special track”, says Rajan Shahi.

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  1. ali says:

    >>>>>>well i think ranveer and ragini look cute 2gether and i love watching badaai>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. Zoah says:

    i love ranveer and ragini, they make such a beautiful couple. i love watching bidaai!!!!!!!!!!

  3. shazleen says:

    >>>>>>I love ranveer and ragini, and they chemicaly.I think they should go out in real life, becoz they make lovey couple……….>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. minima says:

    i love ragini and ranvir…
    cute couples…

  5. chitra says:

    they are such a sweet couple.and the love chemestry of both,onscreen its fantastic i realy like it

  6. saad khan says:

    couple is so cute. sweet, nice. really…

  7. aroosa says:

    ranvir and ragini is the best jodi 4ever.they look so cute together.may god bless this jodi

  8. i love ranbir & ragini both r made up of each other.

  9. tamnna says:

    sch a sweetest couple.inki jodi se lakho logo ko yeh akal toh aayegi hi ke roop-rang se jyada jruri dil ki khubsurti hoti hai.

  10. sana says:

    i love u ranveerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    plz muje ek bar reply karo na i m in afghanistan and i raly liked ur actnhg

  11. rajni chandra says:

    ranveer and ragini u r both looking very nice and ur serial and ur work is too good ranveer u r so handsome

  12. john says:

    i love ragani. She has to marry me not ranveer oi ranveer get of her shes mine forever. I love raging gimme ur phone number.


  14. angela sthapit says:

    i like parul&kinshuk jodi so much .plz kinshuk bro come in biddai . parul sis not fit for anamol . nowdays biddai is getting boring without sars&kinshuk.

  15. kinshuk&parul make for each other.your jodi world’s best jodi.kinshuk&parul a match made in heaven.i love you kinshuk if you not have any girlfriend please make me.danncing is very fantastic. i want to meet you kinny.ragvir

  16. mihaela says:

    nice ranvir i love you

  17. mihaela says:

    ranvir know when I watch the movie do not know though are in another world like you and do not know much I think of me I hope villages thin

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