All reality shows across channels have gained viewership and TRPs, courtesy over dramatization of any given incident! It is also observed that no two judges in a reality show have ever had the same opinion, but things look very different, yet strange in Star Plus Amul Star Voice of India 2..

Surprisingly, the three esteemed judges of Voice of India 2, Ismail Durbar, Sukhwinder Singh and Monty Sharma’s punch line during the Press Conference organized in Mumbai was – ‘Singing cannot be judged!!”

When questioned how come they are on the judges’ chair then, Sukhwinder replied, “It is just on papers that I am a judge here. My main aim is to bring some semblance to the tension-filled environment seen nowadays in reality shows. I really do not know how these contestants manage to sing. You won’t believe, when I want to sing a song, I see to it that I am in good stead; so decorate the studio with flowers, create a peaceful environment and then start singing. I am here to share all my experiences with these aspiring singers”.

Monty Sharma who makes a debut to television opines, “I am not here to judge anyone. The reason why we three are stressing on this fact is that we have struggled a lot to reach the position we are in today”. Ismail Durbar was not far behind as he said, “Every day there is something new to learn and I guess we will learn with this experience of ours. Hence we strongly believe that ‘Singing cannot be judged’”.

The renowned judges of Amul Star Voice of India 2, Ismail Durbar, Sukhwinder Singh and Monty Sharma had a common punch line to say in the recent press conference held… Get to know more here…

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