You started out as a singer, then turned actress and recently, you learnt kathak for Ghar ki Lakshmi… Betiyaan
Yes, because my track required me to win a dance competition. I’d learnt kathak years ago. I just needed to brush up with a few rehearsals.

Would you had been happier if you’d stuck to singing?
You need to do certain things to survive. Betiyaan earns me my bread and butter. But I’d definitely like to continue singing. It’s what gave me my identity.

It’s alleged that you recently quit Betiyaan…
Yes, I had issues with the production team. I informed the channel when things became uncomfortable. Zee intervened and thankfully it’s better. But the same problem was prevailed so I had to quit.

It’s said that you even gave maa-behen gaalis.
I did not! But yes, I did lose my cool. The current production team isn’t as good as the previous one. They made me wait six hours and then expected me to stay beyond my work hours.

And you walked out of the sets?
Yeah I did. The sound recordist asked me to wear the lapel mike. I couldn’t possibly wear it with everyone around! He created a fuss and I walked out. I can’t take such nonsense.

What’ happening with your co-star Yuvraj Malhotra?
I don’t want to talk about him.

Weren’t you dating? Once he even created a scene outside S J Studios.
If two friends are going out, you don’t call it ‘dating.’ Yuvraj’s a good co-star but he’s not my kind of guy. As for the confusion outside the studio, we were enacting a fight scene.

Apparently, he made some cheap remarks about you. Yeah?
If he did, he’s a loser. He’d talk cheaply about his ex-girlfriend too so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true.

Did you really refuse to hug him for the camera?
Yes, as a principle I don’t hug my co-stars, be it Yuvraj or Siddharth Makkar. I come from a conservative family based in Lucknow.

Didn’t Neeta Shetty quit the show because of you?
(Sternly) Neeta had her personal problems. She was getting married and had nothing to do in Betiyaan. That’s why she left.

Have you made any friends in the industry?
(Smiles) I’m lucky to have friends like Rajshri Thakur, Divyanka Tripathi, Sayantani Ghosh, Sharad bhaiyya (Kelkar) and his wife Keerti. They all pamper me because I’m the youngest.

You were supposed to host Antakshari on Zee instead of Himani, right?
Yes, Gajendra Singh had promised me that I’d be the host. Sadly, he wasn’t making the show when it made a comeback and Himani was chosen instead. I would have felt bad had I not had Betiyaan in my kitty. Anyway, I’m the face of Zee Arabia Antakshari alongside Sharad bhaiyya.

Any issues with Himani?
She was a co-contestant on Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Challenge. Himani and I have always been good friends. We have no issues.

Which other show would you like to be a part of?
Sa Re Ga Ma Pa… as a host or a contestant. I just love the show. I met Aditya Narayan the other day. We got along really well.. as if we were childhood friends.

Weren’t you involved with the make-up man of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa…?
(Laughs) He’s just a good friend who’d advise me on my career moves. There were even rumours that we were married!

Now you are playing a negative role in Kyunki?

Ya. I am playing a negative role. I am acting as a ideal bahu of the Viranis but I am in the side of my badi ma (Tripti). When Ektaji offered me the role I was very happy.

How is your co-star Yash Pandit?

No he is really a sweetheart. He is cool and hot.

You are also a part of ‘Kyun jitega Bollywood Ka Ticket’

Yes I am. Ektaji gave me this great offer!

Say about your partner there?

Oh Puneet! First we had some problems because he misbehaved on the stage but now its ok.. I am very lucky, right now I am working with most good looking people on screen, Puneet and Yash.

5 responses »

  1. sonia says:

    i want to write for twinkle

    you re really sweet ,allegiant,nice .I really love your acting . most importantly i really love to win you and puneet in bollywood ka ticket . i dont think puneet has done any wrong thing it is a reality show where you can express any thing you like and fucking is not a bad word at all.. it just a slang .. reality shows are not just called family show ..dont forget this 21st century…i really dont like that tall guy (i dont no his name) who want to slap puneet it is really bad this shows how these tv artist behave what they think about themselves….
    good luck to puneet and twinkle

  2. sandeep says:

    come back in show say sorry to judges
    i luv ur jodi with puneet
    both are cool
    very popularsend me mail

  3. sara says:

    twinkle n puneet i like u vvvvvv much

  4. Trixie says:

    sry but me i really like twinkle with yash………..they are soooo cute together in ksbkbt, and hope that twinkle re-enter the show in the place of gunjan wali……please ekta i reallly like twinkle with yash…..plzzzzzzzzzz ^^

    • yash_twinkle says:

      dont worry trixie twinkle nt gonna replaced, and i heard that yash and twinkle start dating privately, is that true? i wud hope…….btw good luck twinkle and puneet hope you win

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