The bollywood’s newly acquired beauty, Sonal Chauhan seems to be getting in news faster than any newbie. After the success of her debut movie Jannat, while the bollywood and fans seem to start loving her, there are few people who didn’t much like her success. A recent proof was the slap placed at her at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport, Mumbai by Sahil Zaroo, who was one of the accused in the drug case which involved Rahul Mahajan. It is said that Sonal Chauhan, who was seeing Sahil Zaroo, started ignoring him after he got entangled in the case. Sahil Zaroo was also to travel in the same flight as Sonal, to Hyderabad. The two had a heated argument at the airport, which ended with Sahil slapping Sonal publicly. Police has arrested Sahil for this act under various Indian Penal Codes.
With more and more actors learning “how to ignore” act for free; this poor girl surely had to pay a price.

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