Rahul Vaidya speaks to Sibasish Tinsel Town on his success in Star Plus’ Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar…

Rahul Vaidya is on seventh heaven after winning Star Plus’ Jo Jeeta Wohi Super Star. “This show was different for it was between achievers; hence the bar was pushed much higher. However, I was always confident of making it to the top three. But I was not sure, that I will win”, opines Rahul.

How does it feel to be second time lucky? “Yes I am glad that after Indian Idol, the audiences realized their mistake and made me win this time around. I would not have been able to face defeat yet again”, the Marathi mulga quipped. .

On having Harshit and Abhijeet as co-finalists? Rahul remarked, “Both are very good. Abhijeet can sing all types of songs, while Harshit can literally scare the opposition out. He further added that the differences that were shown between him and Harshit were over hyped. But Rahul did feel that Harshit should have stayed on after being eliminated”.

Ask him about those final moments and he says, “I just kept muttering God God God and nothing else. Later I partied hard and then slept like a log. I need this chain kee neend yaar”, says the singer with a smile evident on his face.

Rahul does not want to take part in any more reality shows. “It’s very tough. But still I accept that I and all my co-contestants would have been nowhere without this genre”.

Surprisingly unlike most other singers, Rahul does not want to do playback. “I want to only sing for myself and nobody else. Hence I am working on my next album tentatively titled ‘Mera Maula’. It has a mixed bag seven numbers”, says Rahul.

In closing, he says he is quite looking forward to his second anchoring assignment on Star Plus. “I am not a good anchor, but certainly would want to improve as one. I just hope this show does better than Jhoom”, he ended.

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  1. SAMER says:

    Congrats rahul vaidya ! The voice of angel

  2. tania says:

    hi rahul..u r really a fabulous singer..im very big fan of urs..i m very happy that u won i could not vote 4 u b/c i m 4m pakistan but i like ur voice very much…u r sooo sweet..

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