After Gautami Kapoor decided to turn down Ekta’s Kahani Hamaray Mahabharat Ki, her husband Ram Kapoor has also decided to follow suit.

Reports DNA After Hours that the actor claims that he wants to focus at the work at hand rather than take up more work…

“I just want to do one project at a time,” says the actor. “I am busy with Kasamh Se and it takes up a lot of my time.”

Ram also states that actors like Ronit Roy and Hiten Tejwani may be able to juggle multiple projects and shows but “that doesn’t mean I would have to do the same. I don’t intend to work in several projects at a time,” he adds.

The industry shudders to make Ekta mad… And Gautami allegedly didn’t even listen to the role that Ekta had to offer. She just said ‘no’ outright! So isn’t the couple afraid of straining ties with the most powerful woman in the industry?

“This is a false impression of Ekta that people have,” says Gautami. “She is a gem of a person. When she took me in Kyunki… she agreed to all my conditions. I am sure she would approach me whenever she has some more good roles for me.”

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