Aditya Narayan in an exclusive inverview for Sibasish Tinsel Town

Q. Where do you usually shop from?

A. I go to many places for shopping and there’s no particular place or shop I can name.

Q. How often do you shop?
A. Normally I don’t get time but I try to take out time within every three months.

Q. Do you prefer to shop abroad more? Where and Why?
A. Yeah, I prefer shopping abroad. I like LA (Los Angeles). The best branded and seasonal cloths are available over there.

Q. What kind of stuff are you fascinated more about/pick up more often- Outfits or accessories or gadgets or decorative pieces or any other?Aditya Narayan
A. I am a complete gadget freak guy and I have various kinds of things. Recently I have bought a 42 inch Plasma TV, which I have put up in my bathroom. I watch it while having shower.

Q. Shopping memories from your childhood…
A. Mostly my mom used to do shopping for me from shops around Santacruz. I had a very bad dressing sense during my childhood days. I wore my pants up to my stomach (high waist, you can say). Can you imagine I even wore the combination of pink shirt and pants, etc. I would say my childhood fashion was disastrous. But at the same time these kind of outfits make you look cute when you are a child.

Q. Your take on flea markets and rasta shopping?
A. Sometimes you get very good stuffs even on rasta. It’s like lotus in dirt. You should choose a right combination between branded and roadside stuff. I have a 1 lac rupees watch and at the same time my shoes which I bought roadside costs 1500.

Q. Your advice to shopoholics?
A. Invest your money where you look good. Lots of things will come in and go out in fashion. It doesn’t mean that anything looking good on one will also look good on you. You will have to make the selection of what is suitable for you and will look good on you.

Q. Shopping tips (where and how should they shop) for readers ….
A. To be very honest Mumbai is the best place to shop. Nowadays there are number of malls in Mumbai where you can get good branded stuff. Then shopping at Linking Road and fashion street is also fun. You can wear anything and go out with your friends, I mean with guys, but while going out with girls stick to your basic style and don’t experiment on that day.

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  1. angel says:

    hi adii this angel i love ur watches can i know which brand u perfer more u look hand some blazer love u bye

  2. angel says:

    hi adii this angel i love ur watches can i know which brand u perfer more u look hand some in blazer love u bye

  3. BIG FAN says:


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