Lines quoting Harman as making uncharitable statements about Kareena’s acting abilities had the new kind on the block shell- shocked and embarrassed.

“I’d never speak like that about anyone, least of all someone who’s a senior and was gracious enough to work with me when I was just starting out. That she finally opted out of Love Story 2050 doesn’t take away from the fact that we got along really well, ” Harman said.

The remarks attributed to him about Kareena being ‘robotic’ in her performances had Harman so upset that he apparently turned asocial for a couple of days.

“Harman has never bad- mouthed anyone. That’s not his upbringing. Kareena is a huge star and a friend. Who is Harman to talk like that about her?

Emotional Scorpio that he is, Harman was really disturbed, to the extent that he told his father that if this is the kind of demolition job the rivals and opponents are going to do with him he’d rather not be a star, ” divulges a source very close to Harman.

Harman’s agony ended on Wednesday while he was in Delhi to do an event connected with Love Story 2050. On an impulse he smsed to Kareena telling her how awful the words attributed to him about her made him feel.

Apparently Kareena who is in the US shooting for Sajid Nadiadwala’s Kambhakt Ishq replied back in a long heartfelt message, saying she has been a part of the film industry long enough to know how such things work.

She apparently ended the gentle and sensitive message by assuring Harman she had no ill-feelings towards him and was looking forward to seeing his feeling.

Harman can’t keep the relief and joy out of his voice. “All I’ll say is, I’d never talk like that about anyone. Kareena is someone I truly admire. And if people want to spoil my relations with her, let them try. It won’t work.”

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