Looking at the opening and people’s views the winner of the race seems to be

IMRAN KHAN…. winner

People appreciated Harman as an actor but the movie “LOVE STORY 2050” did not touch the audience. On the other hand Imran Khan’s “JNE TU.. YA JANE NA” could create the magic.

SO if want to choose any one we will ask you to watch “JTYJN’….

But with so many movies of top directors in Harman’s kitty we think the race has just started…

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  1. Red Queen says:

    Dude, race? That’s not even a question!
    It’ like a QSQT in the 21st century for twentysomethings. The dude(Imran) isn’t just cute he actually has histrionic ability! And I must say that was what made it for me. I mean Arjun Rampal / Zayed Khan are cute as hell, but the acting department…. well you know what I mean.

    And Love Story 2050 as a launching pad just… sucks.

  2. Red Queen says:

    East or West Imran is the Best…………

  3. Aditi says:


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