Gautami Gardgil is returning back to Kyunki Saans Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi. KSBKBT has completed 8years on June 30. So the show producer Ekta Kapoor is planning to bring some new twist and turns to the show. So Gautami is set to return to the show. Sources says Gautami will not be returning as Tulsi but will get back with new looks and different character.

The main reason for her return to the show is the dipping TRP (Television Rating Point). The TRP of KSBKBT had started falling after Smriti Irani’s exit. Audience took some time to accept Gautami as their new TULSI. But with time the TRP of the show started increasing. But the increase was not enough to match the TRP that was set during the rule of Smriti Irani in Kyunki.. So Ekta Kapoor thought of bringing back Smriti with a much higher pay package than higher. The pay package is the highest that a TV actor can get in the history of Indian Television. But even after the re-entry of Smriti to the show and exit of Gautami, the TRP of the show again started falling. This time Ekta is again planning to bring Gautami back.

Due to the increase of Reality Shows in all television channels in different fields like comedy, singing, dancing, acting, game shows, action series (like fear factor) the daily soaps are no more the only corner of entertainment. But the TRP of the soaps are still high but have decreased than before.

Now the question is will the re-entry will make TRP high as it used to be??

Now we ask the visitors of Sibasish Tinsel Town the reason of decreasing TRP… Because you are the people who sets the TRP of the show

Those people who are against Ekta Kapoor Please also go through this thread about Ekta Kapoor. We really need your views on this report of Ekta Kapoor……(click here)

DO LET US KNOW WHO IS BETTER TULSI>> Smriti Irani or Gautami???

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  1. Shilpi Chaudhry says:

    I think as Tulsi, smriti Irani is way better, but gautami gadgil is a fabulous actress. we’ve always seem Tulsi as a strong character, fighting against evil.. gautami just wasn’t strong enuff..


  2. someone says:

    band karo yeh bakwas show

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