Harman Baweja
They both come from filmi families and yet they are very contrasting personalities. Harman Baweja and Imran Khan begin their Bollywood innings on the same day.

Two careers are going to be born on the fourth of July. Harman Baweja, son of director-producer Harry Baweja , makes his debut in the dad-directed Love Story 2050 while Imran Khan, grandson of Nasir Hussain and nephew of Aamir Khan , debuts in Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na .

There are many commonalities and contrasts between the two debutants.

Harman has already been compared to Hrithik Roshan because of his looks and dancing style, while Imran has not even been compared to his much talented uncle. Harman trained in film production under his dad while Imran studied filmmaking at an academy in New York City. Harman knew from the start that he wanted to be an actor, while Imran wanted to be a director. Acting happened to him by chance.

Imran oozes the charm of an inhibited, introvert boy and is media-shy. Harman, on the other hand, oozes confidence and shows glimpses of eloquence in his media interviews.

Imran doesn’t like to work out in gym. He prefers a naturally slim body. Harman, on the other hand, has toned his muscles through regular workout.

Even before his launch in Bollywood, Harman’s career has skyrocketed. He has four more films under his belt, one of which is with Ashutosh Gowarikar and another with Sanjay Leela Bhansali (as producer). Imran has so far signed only one more film – an action thriller called Kidnap with Sanjay Dutt .

And lastly, both Harman and Imran begin their careers with romantic films – Harman with a sci-fi, futuristic love story set in Mumbai in year 2050, while Imran with a contemporary, realistic romantic tale set in a college campus.

Sibasish Tinsel Town wishes them both the best of luck.

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