The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar will be a shocker for all Vineet Singh’s fans. The singer is ousted from the show due to a lack of votes. Vineet despite receiving flak from the judges was one of the favourites on the show. Vineet also showed a marked improvement with every performance. In fact for his last performance on Saturday 21 June, Vineet scored full marks.

His eviction left all the judges especially Farah Khan shell-shocked. A rather disturbed Farah said, “My Champion has got eliminated from the show.” Vishal and Shekhar too voiced their displeasure and disappointment and said, “Henceforth, the scores will be restricted to 8 marks and one must take our 8 marks as 10 henceforth. We will not give 10 to anyone.”

A frustrated Vineet says, “My elimination has come as a surprise to me as in the last episode I got full marks and even then I got eliminated. But then it’s not the end of the road for me. I will come back with a bang and prove my mettle to the remaining Champions. I will have the last laugh.”

Vineet’s elimination was aired on Friday, 27 June at 10:00 pm.


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  1. nisha says:

    this elimination was unfair.
    vineet is immensely talented n shud at least hv been in the top 3.

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