One of the most beautiful women in the world has been avoiding socializing with people because she has been down with a contagious disease.

If you wonder why Aishwarya Rai wasn’t seen publicly after the IIFA awards in Bangkok, here’s the answer. The actress has been bedridden with German measles. Since it is a contagious disease that can transmit to other people, Ash has reportedly been keeping more to herself, even in the Bachchan household.

Reports have it that Ash has got best medical advice and has been taking medication for many days. Now, thankfully, she has almost recovered from the disease.

According to industry sources, the actress was very well looked after by the Bachchan family that took precautions but never fully quarantined Ash because of the contagious nature of her disease.

Meanwhile, Ash’s status in Michael Douglas’s film Racing the Monsoon is still not clear. Even though the buzz is that she has been dropped, some reports say she is still part of the film but won’t play the lead role opposite Douglas.

Ash’s next movie commitment would be Shankar’s film Robot .

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