Newcomer Harman Baweja had the time of his life when he rode his bike at 180 kms/hr for a scene in Love Story 2050 .

He’s got looks, a well-structured bod, and nimble feet. And Harman is no chicken when it comes to stunts, either. For a sequence in his launch vehicle ‘Love Story 2050′, the actor showed his spunk and hit a speed that was much more than asked for by the film’s director, Harry Baweja , Harman’s dad.
The sequence, shot at Salt Lake (a huge stretch of flat, vacant land) in South Australia, required Harman to ride his bike towards the camera from a great distance. The idea was to show him as a tiny dot that gradually grows in size as he approaches closer.

Harman was provided with a walkie-talkie as he rode away from the shooting crew on the vast, open, isolated stretch of land. But in his zeal to give a good shot, the actor rode away many miles and eventually lost the walkie-talkie signal.

When he finally turned back, Harman says he had no idea how far he had ridden. So he sped back. And since the whole area was deserted, Harman says there came a moment when he closed his eyes while riding and did not open them for two minutes.

And when he did open his eyes he was shocked to see the speedometer. He was riding at the deadly speed of 180 kms/hr.

“That moment I felt a sudden rush of adrenalin in my body. I felt as if I was flying through the air. It was a memorable experience,” says Harman.

Back at the shooting spot, Harman’s dad Harry was worried where his son had zipped off to! While waiting for Harman he spotted a tiny dot on the horizon. Immediately he asked the camera to roll. As Harman approached the camera at high speed, a perfect shot was canned.

‘Love Story 2050′ is a futuristic romantic tale with Priyanka Chopra playing Harman’s love interest. The movie also has Boman Irani playing an eccentric scientist.

The film is set to hit the theatres on July 4.

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