While the news about Anubhav Sinha being signed by Shah Rukh Khan for directing a multi-million animation film is six month old news, the latest piece of information which has just come in is that the film’s scripting is almost through. While Anubhav has been working non-stop on the biggest project of his lifetime so far for months in succession, even Shah Rukh is giving much more than just a helping hand to the project.

Says Anubhav Sinha who has far left behind the CASH experience, “The animation film is coming along quite well. What amazes me is the kind of energy that Shah Rukh Khan comes with. He is a powerhouse. He is pretty much cued on about the way the film is shaping up and can always be seen charged up.”

Is he feeling the pressure to deliver something extraordinary considering this is going to be a dream project for not just him but also Shah Rukh?

“On the contrary I am loving all the pressure”, promptly replies Sinha, “It is remarkable to see the way Shah Rukh is involved with the project. The man has so much energy. Really, I am constantly having fun while seeing the way project is shaping up.”

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