Well this guy is known for being shy and soft-spoken. But indeed Aamir Ali can get very generous too. We learnt, after his recent return from the Bangkok trip with Sanjeeda Sheikh, Aamir got back tee shirts for all the cast and crew of his show Kya Dill Main Hain on 9x.

After returning to shoots after the mini vacation, Aamir was seen distributing the clothes to the people on the sets. Unwilling to give a comment on this, we can assume its not afterall a publicity stunt either. But co-actor Abigail sure had some nice things to talk about him,”It was such a sweet thing for him to do. After Nach Baliye, we used to tease him that he should give us a big treat, but he was just too busy after that . But this time he got tee shirts, jeans and tops for each one of us. He is one of the most adorable person I’v met and worked with.” 

2 responses »

  1. cool b says:

    i luv Aamir Ali, but i didn’t liked the way he hosted nach baliye 4, really disappointing,

  2. inimere iklakh says:

    luv this guy!!! u gotta admit that he can act and dance, sangeeda is a very lucky girl

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