During the press conference for the promotion of her latest movie in the capital, Rani Mukerji seemed very excited.

Until, someone’s mobile phone rang and she loudly said, “Oh! thank you ma’am for switching it off. You know you are really kind. And now I have forgotten what I was actually talking about before your phone rang in the middle of the conference and distracted me.” After another phone rang, the irked Rani asked everyone to check whether their phones were on silent mode or not.

6 responses »

  1. Good point Rani….I love you

  2. REHANN says:

    heyy i love rani ….

  3. yazeed weezy says:

    hello rani, my name is yazeed weezy. i want u 2 send your emai address 4 me , because i want us 2 be friends both me and u and i am waiting 4 your email adress send 2 email (weeezyluvrani007@yahoo.com) thank u bye have a nice day

  4. chetan says:

    always looks cool

  5. Büsra says:

    rani…you are sooo sweet 😀

  6. ESRA says:

    rani is soooo sweet!!!!

    i love rani.

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