It is the three time national winning Bollywood director’s most expensive film till now. And he was very fierce in protecting the film at any cost from the hungry eyes of the media.

It was also reported that Madhur Bhandarkar did not allow any still cameras in the sets during the production of the film ‘Fashion’.

The producers of this movie can be happy that the film is sure to get a very good opening as its director winning the national award recently is sure to make more people come to see the film.

All the film buffs eager to see the film ‘Kismat Konnection’ will also get to see the trailer of ‘Fashion’.

The duration of the trailer is just one minute and has no dialogues.

The film is produced by UTV Motion pictures and Bhandarkar Entertainment and is said to dwell into the underside of the Fashion Industry.

The film is also going to be special for the ladies as the fast rising heroine Priyanka Chopra is the protagonist of the film.

She is enacting a role of a girl who works hard and finally becomes a top model.

The film’s budget is said to be around 20 crores and some scenes showing the fashion world of the Paris are also there in the film.

Madhur Bhandarkar is a film maker who is famous for his realistic portrayals of contemporary topics and issues in a very interesting and gripping manner.

Fashion will show some realities and will present the often hidden and unknown facts of the fashion industry.

The film will most probably hit the theatres in November and the impact of the movie on the audience will be interesting to watch and drastic changes in strong convictions and opinions of certain people can also be expected to happen.

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