Harman Baweja is turning out to be indeed different from the rest of his ilk who love making tall claims about their films for weeks before they hit the theaters.

He would rather want audience to look at the way his Love Story 2050 has turned out to be and though he knows that nothing to a scale like this has ever been attempted before in India, it would be fool hardly to expect it coming close to what Hollywood has accomplished in the decades gone by.

“There is no point stating that this is going to be the film which would give Hollywood run for it’s money”, says Harman who has been literally slogging 24X7 to keep the momentum on for the promotion of his film, “Seriously, it is impossible to match the kind of standards that our counterparts from the West have set. It all boils down to the budget at the end of the day and with the kind of resources we work with, even though we may hire the best team out there, you can’t expect results on the same lines.”

But isn’t the budget of Love Story 2050 set around Rs. 50 crores? Isn’t it good enough to set a solid enough platform for his futuristic/sci-fi film?

Agrees Harman, “It is indeed good budget but then we are talking about a film which is primarily a special effects film. Every shot out there requires to be painstakingly shot and then mastered in the editing room. It is an extensive process and requires lot of time, hard work and money. Yes, we have spent a great amount of money into the project.”

“In fact during the making of the film in the last couple of years,” adds Harman, “the talks used to be centered on budget, budget and more budget. We would get over one obstacle, move on to the next and happily come out unscathed yet again. But still, it was a constant battle.”

Reasons Harman, “There is no point trying to set Hollywood as a benchmark though. Look at Tom Cruise. Just his remuneration costs around 10 million dollars and we are not even talking about the overall production cost of the film. Now compare it for yourself with the budget that we have on our hands for making a film. Yes, we have created the best that Bollywood has ever seen in a special effects film but we surely have some way to go before we can tell the world that we have arrived.”

The honesty in Harman reveals the facts behind the fiction but the audience will surely wait to witness the fiction with best ever effects in Bollywood and that’s packaged with a sugary coat of love between off-screen pair Priyanka and Harman. Will that be enough for the movie to flaunt a hit at the box office or should the reality exposed by Harman will cease people from watching the flick? Well, time can only reveal all. Filhaal, waiting!

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  1. bhoomika says:

    no it’s not impossible because harman had quality for going to hollywood
    n he is handsome nsmart

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