Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan denies media reports that his son Abhishek lost his temper and slapped a spot boy on the sets of his film “Drona”.

“This is a laughable matter. Abhishek does not have the ability to strike a fly. He does have the ability though to attract incongruous and totally incorrect press. There has been absolutely no such incident on set. It is a fabrication of the highest order,” he wrote on his blog

Amitabh also rubbished the earlier incident when Abhishek had beaten up a photo journalist.

“The earlier incident with a press photographer was another complete fabrication,” Amitabh stated.

The Big B has been posting a lot of complaints against the media on his blog lately.

His recent addition reads: “We are aware that certain media and journalists have painstakingly taken it upon themselves to build animosity towards us and follow religiously an unprofessional bias that will never change.”

So what do you think he is speaking the truth or covering up his son’s bad sides….. GIVE US YOUR VIEWS

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  1. Poonam Verma says:

    it but obvious that big b will save his son any father will do the same but thats a wrong attitude you have keep same eye

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