His resemblance to Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan may have helped him strike a cord with movie buffs even before his maiden appearance on tinsel screen, but actor Harman Baweja is not happy with the comparison.

“My looks are not something that I have manufactured. It is what I’m born with. There might be some similarity with Hrithik, but I completely disagree that we look the same or I am following his dancing or acting style,” Harman said during a product promotion function in the capital.

Harman even got irritated when some audience members kept on inquiring about his resemblance with Hrithik. “Chill. Don’t repeat, I have already answered it, ” he said.

The actor who is all set to debut with his futuristic flick ‘Love Story 2050, ‘ said, there are several actors in the industry whose resemble each other.

“The tradition of seeking similarity among the actors is not a new trend. When Shahrukh Khan began in the industry, he was compared to Dileep Kumar and similarly Diya Mirza looks like Aishwarya and Priyanka Chopra is being matched with Madhuri Dixit, ” the actor said.

Harman, who is being launched by his filmmaker father Harry Baweja in the mega-budget science fiction film ‘Love Story 2050, ‘ has in the movie performed several dance sequences that resembles that of Hrithik Roshan.

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