The talented producer Ekta Kapoor will be facing the camera in a cameo.

Along with Ekta Kapoor, even Karan Johar and Mahesh Bhatt will be seen in a special appearance in the movie and this is the first time Mahesh Bhatt will be seen speaking onscreen.

Sanjay Dutt who earlier also lent voice for his films is repeating the same for the title track of the movie.

More reasons to watch out for C KKOMPANY

In indian society, Tulsi the character of Kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi & Parvati Kahani ghar ghar kI has become the ideal indian bahus.Each and every women tries to identify a Tulsi & Parvati in herself loosing her own identity and foregetting the fact that even the character of Tulsi & Parvati is just an image by the writer of the serial.
Not only this, the reality shows forcasting in each and every popular channel is fake. They play with emotions of viewers to earn publicity.
Our generation of youths need to take a stand and make an effort to change this era of TELEVISION SOAPS which have empowered indian women’s mind and also stop the birth of so called Tulsi,Parvati or Komolika in indian society. Ekta Kapoor , born on June 7, is the Creative Head of Balaji Telefilms. She is aptly called the reigning queen of Indian television industry. The serials produced by her company Balaji Telefilms are a smashing hit with the masses and dominate all the major T.V. channels in India. Ekta`s serials have not only captured the imagination of the masses but also their soul. She did her schooling from Bombay Scottish School and after that she joined Mithibai College. After the college her great father jitendra suggest her to open her great balaji TV production house which now a days no.1 telefilms. At that time ekta only turned 19. she enter like child in indian television and become the queen of indian tv serials.

Her shows have broken all previous records of TV serial production and popularity in India. For her entrepreneurial skills and achievements Ekta Kapoor was rewarded the Ernst & Young (E&Y) Startup Entrepreneur Of The Year award in 2001. Although she hasn`t clearly followed the footsteps of her father – the yester year actor Jeetendra and current emerging star Tusshar Kapoor, she has already become a shooting star in the genre of production and programming.
Since producing her first blockbuster television program at the age of 19, Ekta Kapoor has successfully rewritten the script on TV entertainment for the masses. She has very successfully created more than 20 soaps on 10 major Indian networks. The Indian showbiz community keeps a vigil on her every move, and older, more experienced producers are quic to copy any new concept brought in by the `SOAP QUEEN` of Indian television.

She is `a smart woman with a definite agenda` and has also been appropriately termed as Asia`s most powerful communicator and the lady no.1 in Hindi serials and movies. As the creative director of Balaji Telefilms in Mumbai, Ekta continues to produce absorbing dramas – whether about an ambitious tycoon or a charismatic but scheming wife or a 70-year-old grandmother looking for a job – that consistently strikes a chord with viewers across the subcontinent.

Ekta Kapoor has produced and co-produced numerous soap operas, television series and films. Her most popular television venture has been Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, which aired for the first time on STAR Plus in 2000. Subsequently, the show has continuously been among the top rated programs on Indian television. Today, Ekta Kapoor eclipses the Indian television, producing more than eight television soaps for Star Plus, India`s leading general entertainment channel. At the 6th Indian Telly Awards 2006, she bagged the Hall of Fame award for having contributed colossally to the Indian television industry. Most of her creations begin with the letter ” ” as goes her superstition that the letter brings her good luc and the much-desired attention.

Ekta has introduced a slew of new ladies who have cast a spell on the Indian audience. Stars who were nobodies until a year ago have turned out to be the top of the pops today.

Despite the popularity of her soaps, Ekta Kapoor has also had her share of criticism for her controversial and bold scenes. Her soaps have been accused of hapless acting, using false elaborate sets and repetitive, vacuous plots. Especially controversial is her portrayal of female characters, either shown as epitomes of truthfulness, obedience and grace or painted as loud, villainous vamps that constantly scheme against the protagonists.
She has also produced five Bollywood films out of which Kyaa Kool Hai Hum starring her brother Tusshar has been the most successful.

She rightly elaborates; “Soap operas are the twisted story telling formats that manage to gain the maximum eyeballs. So why not go with it?”

Ekta Kapoor`s serials have made us laugh, cry and clap, thus merging the ecstasies and agonies of the reel life, with the ups and downs of the real life.

Thus Ekta Kapoor reins the Indian television industry and continues to do so.

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  1. amaan says:

    i learn from you that
    Hard labour never goes in vain … wonderfull

    with regards

    amaan kabir

  2. amaan kabir says:

    Dear EKTA MAM,

    I am ur great fan .You are really talented . I am appreciated after watching some seleted HIndi serials. Really Excelent work and performance after failer .
    I want to work with you if i get a chance .You can ring up me +919864341257 for acting sector. Keep it up dear mam…..

    Thanking you

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