Shahid Kapoor is now coming to steal your heart in a new look in his forthcoming movie KISMAT KONNECTION by TIPS. His dance numbers from movie JAB WE MET, ‘Mauja hi Mauja’ to ‘Nagada Nagada’ are popular dance tracks at club and parties till date. Now, song ‘Ba Khuda’ from the movie KISMAT KONNECTION is ready to rock your mind .Song ‘Ba Khuda’ is one of Shahid’s favorite tracks in the movie and is very close to his heart. He is considered lucky for his songs in the movie.

The song ‘Ba Khuda’ is sung by Atif Aslam.,a super entertainer and sensational singer from Pakistan. This soulful song has a kind of depth, sensitivity, feeling and sense of heart-wrenching emotion putting it in a class by itself. The song is very situational and has been made accordingly to the KISMAT KONNECTION’S script. His last track ‘Pehli Nazar’ for the movie RACE was a big hit and had topped the chartbusters for a long period. Now ‘Ba khuda’ from KISMAT KONNECTION is coming to hit the music chartbuster.

‘Ba Khuda’ song remix is choreographed by famous Choreographer Ahmed Khan.

Shahid is experimenting a new rockstar look for the remix of song ‘Ba Khuda’ styled by famous celebrity stylist Shabina Khan .His new look will surely drive his female fan crazy ,as Shahid has always been famous amongst girls for his marshmallow good looks.

Says producer Ramesh Taurani , ” The making of the ‘Ba Khuda’ video was great fun. Ahmed came up with the idea of shooting the video impromptu and we all decided to go ahead with it. Getting Shahid’s dates were a hassle because we were already shooting non stop for another video in the film. But Shahid, being professional that he is volunteered to shoot the song in the night after we packed up our days work. So the shooting of the video began at twelve in the night and went on till four in the morning. We shot for two days and completed it.”

Ahmed Khan seconds Taurani’s sentiments,” When I heard Atif Aslam’s song I knew we had to shoot it as a special video with Shahid. I wanted Shahid to do a video with a rock star feel to it as I personally think he is a rock star.”

Shahid is all smiles when he talks about his favourite video ‘Ba Khuda’,” I simply love the song. It is my favourite track and we decided to shoot it in the middle of the night and still managed to finish it well on time. Whenever Ahmed used to think I looked tired he used to ask me to wear my glares. All I had to do was pose like a rock star, quote unquote Ahmed. It was great fun.”

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  1. hanaa says:

    hi shahid im hanna from morocco and i love you so mush ok take care

  2. meera says:

    hi shahid my name is meera and i am 15 years old
    i love u so much as u are the best i am from cranford in london
    love u so much
    take care darling
    x x x x x x x
    p.s. i loved your film kismat konnection
    you are hot
    by the way my surname is shah
    love you.

  3. shriya says:

    heyyyyyyyy shahid iam shriya i luvvv uuuuuuu so so so muchhhhhhhhhhh really u r so hot,cool & stylish…………luv u ………

  4. farheen says:

    hey shahid u rock man i love u just forget abt kareena she is nt fit for u darling

  5. farheen says:

    kareena sucks
    she should be slaped by shahid in front of media
    she should be thrown out of bollywoodddddddd

  6. sarah says:

    shahid i just love u ok and i hope that u become a successfull man in the future and………………. hey what about your dancing? u r superb man at dancing hip hop etc anyways i would love you to be the hottest and the king of the bollywood ok
    so just try to beat all this shahrukhan, amithab bachan etc just think that they are nothing for you!!!!!!!!!!! so all the best for the future bye love ya…….:)):)):)):)):))

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