A young woman, who duped several women from this Punjab city in a ladies kitty racket worth millions and went on to appear in Shah Rukh Khan’s TV quiz game show ‘Kya aap panchvi pass se tez hain’, has been booked by the police here for fraud.

Punjab Police officials said here Tuesday that they were looking for the woman, identified as Sweety Sethi and now based in Mumbai, for taking nearly 600 city women for a ride a few months ago through a ladies kitty scheme.

The police are trying to get in touch with organisers of the show to get the address of the woman in Mumbai.

She is being accused of committing a fraud of Rs.15 million (1.5 crore) on local women here through her “Renu’s Kitty”. She fled earlier this year after duping women. The kitty was run by Sweety in her mother Renu Sethi’s name in the city since last year.

The kitty, in two groups with nearly 300 members each, involved participating members pooling in money and a winner being announced every month. Those duped here later realized that Sweety used to announce winners of the kitty from among her relatives only.

The identity of the con-woman came to light June 7 when the family of one of the victims of the kitty scheme saw her appearing on the Shah Rukh Khan’s quiz game show. The victim, N.K. Makhija’s daughter recorded the TV show on her mobile phone to get proof of the woman’s presence in Mumbai.

“We got a complaint from one of the victims who recorded her on the TV show. We investigated the matter and found that the woman had duped others also through the kitty scheme. We have registered a case against her, ” Civil Lines police official Ranbir Singh said.

Sweety, her mother Renu and four other family members have been named in the case registered here.

In the SRK TV show, Sweety presented herself as an airline executive. She, however, did not win any prize on the show.

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