Well now we may not be able to think of Mallika Sherawat in a very serious and intense role.

Though the popular image of the actress is that of a hot and sexy girl, it seems Mallika is keen to prove that she can carry off a very challenging role that too as the protagonist of a film.

Film maker Tigmanshu Dhulia has already decided that Mallika is the right person to bring the real life character of Begum Sumro into Bollywood.

The actress who till now is known more for her skin show and controversies will be playing Begum Sumro who was an unknown nautch girl in the 18th century till she married a European Walter Reinhardt.

She converted to Christianity after her marriage and adopted the name Joanna.Begum became known as an efficient administrator and ruler after she took over the fief under the control of her husband and ruled it after his death.

She finds a place in India’s history as the one and only catholic ruler in India as she ruled the principality of Sardhana in 18th and 19th century.

Now don’t you think that Mallika has indeed landed up on a juicy role that any actress in the hero centric Bollywood will aspire to get.

In the film ‘Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam’ Mallika played a role that was a spoof on the Mughal era princess Anarkali.

If we assess her recent seen characters in this film and in movies like ‘Ugli Aur Pagli’ and the negative character in the Tamil film ‘Dasavatharam’, it can be understood that Mallika does not want to stick on with same kind of glamour doll characters and wants to constantly experiment with her roles.

So the role of Begum Sumroo could not have come to Mallika at a better time.

The other cutting edge this role is because this role is based on a fiercely brave and intelligent woman who liked to make decisions for her own and lead a life in her own terms and principals.

The director of this period film is reportedly trying to rope in the Welsh actor John Rhys-Davis to enact the character of Begum Sumroo’s foreigner husband Walter Reinhardt.

The begum was also known as Zebunissa and Farzana and was very active in the politics of ruling in her times as a ruler and even was the commander of her own mercenary army consisting of Indians and Europeans.

The lady ruler who was quite famous for her extravagant parties attended by even the rich Europeans died in the year 1836.

The period film to be produced by Zee is said to be planned as a big budget flick with grand sets and rich costumes and jewels.

An attraction towards the famous real life lady personalities from India’s rich history have been seen in Bollywood in the recent times.

Aishwarya was widely appreciated for her role in the film ‘Jodha Akbar’. Sushmita Sen has made it known that she is seriously thinking of producing a movie about Rani of Jhansi in which she will be doing the warrior queen’s role.

Begum Sumro might not be as famous as the Rani of Jhansi or Jodha Bai but Mallika will be sure to see a whole lot of herself in the life history of Begum.

The unknown attractive girl went on to become the ruler and commander of the army and the girl from Rohtak, Haryana came with nothing more than confidence and is today one of the most recognizable faces of Bollywood.

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