This is a horror flick from Ram Gopal Verma. Under the banner of One More Thought Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., ‘Phoonk’ is set to release on August 22nd.

The movie revolves round a confirmed atheist whose belief systems are shaken up when his loved ones are subjected to horrifying experiences, the ones which cannot be explained in any rational manner. It is also the story of a fanatical devotee who is forced to turn her back on God because of her traumatic experiences. Though a horror film, this one is quite different from film like ‘Bhoot’ because the fear does not lie in sheer existence of ghosts, but the fear seeps into you and plagues your entire belief system thereby making you highly vulnerable and will also put you into an emotional state wherein you would start fearing the most inane objects which you would normally take for granted in the daily course of life.

So, if you are someone who has a weak heart, if the film gives you goose flesh, don’t say that we did not warn you…

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